Pina Silk

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$36.00 (USD)

50% Silk 50% Pineapple Fiber.
Width: 30 inches.
DPI : 50 by 42 thread count per inch.
$36.00 per yard.

Piña is a natural fiber derived from the leaves of the Native Philippine Red Pineapple. A luxury fabric softer than hemp and glossy like silk, the use of piña in garment-making provides many benefits: it is lightweight, low-maintenance, and blends well with other fibers.
Silk fabric, also known as ‘Paat’ in East India, Pattu in South India and Resham in North India, is a natural fiber produced from the cocoons of mulberry silkworm via a process called Sericulture. The yarns produced from the process of sericulture are used to weave a variety of textiles.
When you weave Pina with Silk in a 50/50 blend they compliment each other perfectly.

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Pina Silk Black Swatch 2 Black S Pina Silk Blk $36.00 (USD)
Pina Silk Red Swatch 2 Red S Pina Silk Red $36.00 (USD)
Pina Silk Gold Swatch 2 Gold S Pina Silk Gold $36.00 (USD)
Pina Silk Silver Swatch 2 Silver S Pina Silk Silver Dark Silver $36.00 (USD)
Pina Silk Off White Swatch 2 Off White S Pina Silk White Off White $36.00 (USD)
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