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About Us
About Us

Leko was in need of some FUN and came across a Hat Making class.  Now how fun would that be she thought proceeded to sign up.  Little did she know that Hat Making was not only FUN, but ADDICTING and HEALING.  She read every book and followed every tutorial, took every class, and made every hat she could make.  People would stop her on the street and ask where she got that hat!  When she said, “I made it” the conversation often ended with them buying the hat off her head! She did fashion shows and continued to study. 

When her teacher unexpectedly quit and moved away, she was asked to step in and teach.  The class she taught was, How to make a travel hat! All you needed was a parasisal hood and a travel iron!  It was a hit!  Then one of her students said she had found a hat shop for lease! Leko was surprised but went to see it and fell in love. 

Planning to work during the day at her day job and teach at night at the cute little 700 sq ft shop behind the Rive Gauche French Restaurant! She signed the lease and set up shop then she found out she hadn’t read the fine print.  She had to keep the shop open all day too.  She quickly hired one of her students and put all of her hat making supplies in the shop…(because being so addicting she had amassed many by then…(can you relate yet?

But if you don’t have supplies how can you make hat!) Voila! She was in the HatSupplies Business!  Then came the people who wrote books who listed her and she was becoming known all over the USA.  The phone started ringing and they started asking for a catalog.  So at night she would make up pages and mail them out.  Customers from the studios came (Burbank studios was very close to the shop,  and people from New York kept calling. 

Then a very upset hat maker showed up with a list of suppliers from around the world and said that her supplier had just let her down again and would Leko consider emailing some of these factories and getting her some hats and flowers from different countries.   Leko was young and had  hat making stars in her eyes. 

What could go wrong?  She started importing and using her garage as a warehouse, and shipping from a table outside her shop under a tree.  Movie stars came to her classes and it seemed that everyone was spreading the word about the cool little place behind the French restaurant. 

Then came a bigger spot, then a bigger one, then then came the internet.  WWW.HATSUPPLY.COM  was available her webdesigner said, you may as well take the field.  And she did. 

Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies' 18,000 sq. ft. Warehouse

About Us
About Us


Through our commitment to contribute, to add value to every part of our customers, employees, and industries lives we exist to CAUSE magical moments that reverberate causing RAVING FANS that pass it forward.

Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies has 18,000 sq. ft. brimming over with millinery supplies. If you can click on it in our secured web site at www.hatsupply.com, it is in stock. We try never to advertise items that we do not have in stock. We immediately change our website to say out of stock (within minutes) and when an item comes back in we immediately update our site. Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies stocks what we sell for Fast Reliable shipping. We usually ship the same day if we receive the order before the Fed Ex and Postal Service pickups. Otherwise, we ship the next day.

hatsupply.com has been importing as well as exporting millinery supplies all around the world since 1989.

Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies has Low Prices, with a Low minimum order requirement of $29.00 USD (shipping not included).

We have rare hats and vintage hat making supplies, hats, hat making straw, straw hats, felt hats, winter hats, spring hats, summer hats, fall hats, hat bodies, straw hat bodies (capelines), felt hat bodies (capelines), women’s hats, children’s hats, men’s hat bodies, church hats are coming, red hats, fashion hats, ready to wear hats, costume hats such as pirate hats and witches hats, bridal hats, theatre hats, Kentucky Derby hats, ascot hats, Del Mar hats, cocktail hats, chapeau and chapeaux, travel hats, fur hats, beaver hats, fedoras, cloches, wide brim hats, vintage hats, one of a kind hats, no crown hats, poke bonnets, asymmetrical hats, pillbox, skimmers, mad hatter hats, medieval, spanish toque, renaissance hats, 18th Century hat frames, Hats, Hats, Hats!!!

Hat teacher available to hire (by appt.), to answer your hat related questions at direct@hatsupply.com.

Our customers include: Theatres, bridal houses, movie studios, opera and ballet houses, fabric stores, hat makers, milliners, hatters, textile artists, costumers, crafter’s, reenactors (pirates, victorian & civil war), hat making students and beginners, famous milliners, design houses such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, Martha Stewart, Kate Spade and Jessica McClintock, mothers of students in school plays, international firms like Borsalino (Italy), brides, top designers, boutiques and shops, hat stores, millinery teachers, potential hat makers, millinery suppliers, seamstresses, colleges, high schools, drama & dance dept’s. costume houses, florists and candy stores, doll makers, people who want to supplement their incomes (hat making can add extra cash in your pocket) and YOU.