Frequently Asked Questions

Being a wholesaler, Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies has a low $29.00 min. order requirement.

Can I visit you? Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies is an on-line wholesale business and we are not open to the public.

Shopping Cart

What is meant by the “Bill To” address? The “Bill To” address is the address your credit card bill goes to.

Are all the items in the shopping cart in stock? Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies has 18,000 sq. ft. brimming over with millinery supplies. If you can click on it in our secured web site at, it is in stock. We try never to advertise items that we do not have in stock. We immediately change our website to say out of stock (within minutes) and when an item comes back in we immediately update our site. Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies stocks what we sell for Fast Reliable shipping. We usually ship the same day if we receive the order before the UPS, Fed Ex and Postal Service pickups. Otherwise, we ship the next day.

The Shopping Cart won’t let me purchase less than $29.00. Why? Should I call in my order? Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies is a wholesaler that has a low, $29.00 min. purchase. Phone orders will only be accepted with a $29.00 min. purchase (shipping not included).


Do you offer different pricing structures? No we don’t. All our customers are special to us, therefore, we give our customers the lowest price all the time.

What does “ea. per dz.” mean? Example: $10.00 USD ea. per dz. = discounted price of $10.00 (ea.) x 12 (dz.) = $120.00. If you purchase a dozen, the price of the product is discounted.

Placing Orders

What is your cutoff time for orders for same day shipping? In order to be guaranteed that an order will ship by AIR the same day as it is ordered, Hats By Leko needs to have you enter your order into our shopping cart by 9:00 A.M. Pacific Time.

Is all your stock online? Yes. All of our stock is online. If you don’t see what you need, send us an email with your wish list.

Do you accept purchase order numbers? No we do not. All our business is conducted on-line with our shopping cart.

Do I have to buy 12 of the same color straw hat to get the dozen discount? No. You can mix the colors to reach the 12 needed for the discount. The discount applies to that order number only.


Do you ship International? Yes we do. View our Terms & Conditions Page for more information.

Do I get a tracking number when you ship my order? Yes. You will receive via email your tracking number and method of shipping. Please track your box immediately to make sure everything is accurate.

What is the Rush Order Fee? It’s a $10.00 Fee for rush orders placed between 11:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time that need to be shipped that day. After 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time (5:00 Eastern Time), orders will go out the next day.

What is your lead time for shipping? Most items ship in 2 to 3 business days. Special orders will be on an item to item basis.

I filled in my FedEx number but the shopping cart still shows a shipping amount. What happens if I send in my order? Shopping carts are built for retail sales and we do not have a cart option for overriding the shipping amount. Since Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies does not charge your credit card until we ship, we will remove the shipping costs in your final receipt and charge your credit card accordingly.

I will not be there to accept my shipment. What should I do? Please include special shipping instructions such as “Require Signature” in the comment box provided in the cart. If you will not be there to receive your shipment and it is left outside, Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies is not responsible for damaged or stolen merchandise after it is delivered.

Payment Terms

Can I make a purchase with a P.O.? Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies does not accept P.O.’s or extend credit. Our customers use our on-line, secure, shopping cart to make their purchases.


There are no returns or exchanges.


Do you have a catalog you can send me? We do not have a paper catalog. This website is our catalog.

I tried to order Leko Sizing and I couldn’t change the shipping to International. Why? HYDROLAC B-5 POWDER is the only approved stiffener that can be shipped over seas. It is very similar to our Felt Stiffener but is in powdered form.

Exception: We can ship all stiffeners in ORM-D sizes (gallons x 4 or less) to Canada because of the NAFTA agreement.

I want to learn how to make hats, what can I do? Visit our Hat Making Classes page to see where you can find teachers. A great book to get is “FROM THE NECK UP”, by Denise Dreher. Go to our Books page to order “FROM THE NECK UP”.

Can I get veiling samples sent to me? In order to keep our prices down, we have a small staff and are unable to send out samples. In order to give our customers a way to get samples, we have a LOW min order requirement of $29.00 min. USD.