Terms & Conditions

Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies is a wholesaler and the warehouse is not open to the public. The Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies warehouse is a shipping facility and no pick up’s of orders is allowed.

  • There is a low $29.00 minimum on ALL ORDERS. Please note that $29.00 minimum does not include shipping.
  • Website Errors –  Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies is not responsible for descriptive, typographic, or photographic errors and are subject to correction.  We will inform you of the error and make the corrections.  This also includes shipping amounts, prices or inventory.  We will let you know if we need to correct the prices.
  • Please email us your Questions or Concerns and please include your Order Number.

Tax Exempt Status

Tax exempt status is set-up under an email address log-in.  If more than one person places orders from a business or institution and wishes to use their own email address log-in, each email address used needs to set-up for tax exempt status.


  • All orders must be submitted on-line.
  • We reserve the right to limit quantities ordered.
  • Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies does not call customers if items are back ordered. If you do not want items back ordered, please put your instructions in the comment box on your order form.
  • There will be an extra $10.00 handling charge added to your invoice if you make changes to your shipping address.
  • Need to add items to your order?  You will need to send another order and Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies will combine the orders into one shipment if possible.  Shipping charges will be reduced on the final invoice.

Cancellation Policy – We do not accept cancellations once you have submitted your order.

Quantity Purchases – To qualify for quantity discounts, orders will be packed in one box and sent to one address.

Back Orders:  We carry hundreds of items, styles, colors and sizes, and we try to carry enough of each item to fill everyone’s needs. Occasionally, though, the particular item you’re looking for won’t be available at the time you order it. If this happens, we’ll ship the item to you as soon as it arrives if it is listed as a back order on your invoice only.


  • Do not report any shortages until the shipment is verified against the INVOICE which was emailed to you.
  • Apparent shortages might be a back order or discontinued item.
  • Each shipment is checked twice to assure accuracy.
  • Please carefully check all packing material for small items.
  • Notify us immediately if shortage can not be explained.

Order Discrepancies – You must report any errors in your order within 3 days of receipt. Please email us and reference your original invoice number and then state the discrepancy.


  • Coupons can only be used once unless otherwise stated.  Any attempts to circumvent this policy will result in refusal of service.
  • If 2 coupons are available at one time, then only one can be used per order.
  • The Coupon is valid with an item total of at least $29.00, excluding sale or discounted items, books, shipping and handling or any other fees.
  • The Coupon has no cash value and can only be applied in the shopping cart towards a purchase of products.
  • Gift Certificates are excluded.
  • The Coupon cannot be applied to previous orders or exchanges.
  • The Coupon cannot be used with other promotional offers such as shipping discounts.
  • Any future refunds or exchanges will be credited with the net amount of the purchase transaction. The credit will be applied in the amount of the exchange or return.
  • New Customer coupons are not valid on sale items and have a minimum purchase requirement of $150.00.

Return Policy


Payment Choices

  • Our cart accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • We can not accept American Express orders that are sent to a 2nd party. American Express rules strictly prohibit anyone except the card holder using the American Express card.
  • Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies is charged a $10.00 fee when a non US credit card is used when shipping to a US address.  This cost will be added to your order.
  • We are no longer allowed to take charge cards via regular e-mail. New regulations prohibit us to do this. Please use our secured web site.
  • Cashier Checks, Personal Checks and money orders are no longer accepted.
  • C.O.D.’s are not accepted.
  • We do not accept school purchase orders or any purchase orders.
  • We do not extend credit, Credit Cards Only.

Shipping Policies

Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies sends you a tracking number when your order is processed.  The customer is responsible for receiving deliveries. You will receive your tracking number via email so you will know what day your package arrives. Any special instructions should be posted on your door.

Using Customer’s FedEx or UPS Account

  • Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies will be happy to ship your order using your own FedEx or UPS account.
  • Please enter your account # in the comments box on the order form.

Rush Orders

  • Need to Rush your order?  Be sure to check the Rush Order box in the shopping cart.
  • Rush orders must be placed between 11:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time that need to be shipped that day.
  • Orders received after 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time will go out the next day.
  • Rush orders with cut goods may go out the next business day.
  • There is a $10.00 fee for Rush Orders.

Flammable Goods

  • Flammable Goods can only be shipped to US and Canadian customers.
  • Flammable Goods can only be shipped via FedEx ground.  If you have items that need to be shipped via AIR, please send us 2 orders otherwise, the whole shipment will go ground.
  • Each shipment must meet the $29.00 min. to be processed in the cart.
  • Lost Shipments –  Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies must be informed no later than 10 days after order was shipped that it wasn’t received. No refunds or replacements will be given after 10 days.  As much as we want to help you, it will be too late to find it if we are not alerted within the 10 day period.

Lost Package Claim

  • If a freight carrier, for example FedEx, UPS or USPS) pings your delivery to your address that was on your ‘ship to’ portion of your order and they consider that as proof of delivery and deny a lost package claim, then Hats by Leko will also consider it as proof of delivery.
  • Hats by Leko utilizes the tracking information from our carriers to determine successfully delivery.  If carrier tracking shows that a package arrived safely and was delivered to the correct shipping address, then the order will be considered as having been received by our customer.
  • If you have not received your box please contact us within 3 days to let us know.  If you are in another country the slowest is 6-10 days, if you paid for priority or economy then 3 days is also your cut off to let us know at hatsupply@gmail.com   If you let me know any later than this then I can not guarantee that your lost box can be found and Hats by Leko is not responsible if you fail to notify us within the above times.


  • Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies does not ship to hotels or motels.
  • Please include special shipping instructions such as “Require Signature” in the comment box provided in the cart.
  • If you will not be there to receive your shipment and it is left outside, Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies is not responsible for damaged or stolen merchandise after it is delivered.
  • If for whatever reason customers refuse to accept their shipment, the customer will be responsible for shipping costs both ways and restocking charge.
  • Once an order is processed and awaiting pickup and the customer decides to change the shipping method, there will be a $10.00 processing charge to reprocess the order. Once the package has been picked up by the carrier, there will be no changes made to the shipping method.
  • There will be a $20.00 USD charge for address changes made while order is in transit.
  • If you are not there to accept your shipment and it is returned to us, your charge card will NOT be credited. If you wish to have your shipment sent back to you, you will have to pay for return shipping plus a $4.00 service charge.
  • When a customer requests Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies to send their order in such a fashion that Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies cannot insure the shipment, then by virtue of this request, the customer agrees to self insure. In other words, if the box gets lost, the customer is responsible. Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies has no liability to replace your lost order.
  • Canadian Customers: FedEx Ground is for US customers only. If you choose Fedex Ground on your orders, your order will be shipped via the appropriate Fedex shipping method to Canada. You will be charged the higher, appropriate shipping method amount.
  • International orders are shipped through USPS only. v can not guarantee your package will arrive at a predefined time since customs can hold up orders.
  • There are items throughout the site that we pre-program the shipping method. This is done since it can only be sent by a particular carrier or the size or weight of the box is more economical through a particular carrier.
  • We will ship USPS or FedEx using your account # when provided. Be sure to tell us if you want ground, etc. Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies reserves the right to upgrade your shipping method & shipping charges when you stipulate a date needed and the method of shipping you chose may not get there in time.
  • Handling and Packaging charge: Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies reserves the right to charge a $4.00 handling and packaging charge.
  • Wide Brim Hats: We assume that as a hat designer, you will block your hats. Therefore, we ship wide brim hats in smaller boxes to save on shipping. If you do not want your wide brim hat folded, let us know this in the comment section of the shopping cart. Your shipping costs will be raised accordingly when we ship since the cart is programmed for the smaller box shipping costs.
  • Straw Hat Bodies: Straw hat bodies sometimes have frayed edges.  This is considered normal for a hat body.  Hat makers are expected to know how to finish the edge when they are making the ‘hat body’ into a ‘hat’.  No credits or exchanges will ever be given for such an occurrence.  If you don’t know how to finish an edge of a hat body, then may we suggest that you take some hat making classes before purchasing our capelines.
  • Stolen Shipments: Please note that carriers such as Fed Ex nor Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies are not responsible for replacement of items that are stolen and it is not covered by insurance (insurance covers damaged goods), so please pick a ship to address (like your work) that is safe, and also make sure that you are home to receive your packages. Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies always provides you with a tracking number and when you track your box it will give you a date to expect your box to arrive. This information is especially pertainate during holiday seasons.

International Shipments

  • Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies uses USPS, FedEx or UPS for International Shipping. As an option, we will ship FedEx or UPS if you supply your own account number. Please note: If your FedEx or UPS Number is not correct we reserve the right to bill you back double the duty costs or a minimum of $25.00 (which ever is larger).
  • The customer is responsible for knowing the importing rules and restrictions of your country.  If your country will not allow a product but you order it you are still required to pay for the product if your country confiscates it.   If it is returned you are responsible for the shipping cost but we will refund the price of the product, only if it is returned in good condition.
  • Our customers are responsible for all duty, taxes, customs, and brokerage fees involved in importing our products. In the event that you do not pay your bills and we are billed back for them, Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies reserves the right to double your charges ($25.00 minimum). 
  • International Customers that live in countries that the post office will not insure will have to self insure.
  • International orders: We reserve the right to issue a credit rather than send an item that was left out of your order. We reserve the right to cancel your back order.

Privacy Policy: View our Privacy Policy here.

Of special note: To Mothers of Brides and Brides. My we suggest that you go to a bridal store for your hat and veil making needs. If you choose to ignore our professional advice please note that these policies also apply to you and we will not accept any returns or exchanges.

In order to be guaranteed that an order will ship by AIR the same day as it is ordered, Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies needs to have you enter your order into our shopping cart by 9:00 A.M. Pacific Time.
Thank you.

Thank You for your continued patronage.
Sandra Leko

Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies reserves the right to refuse to sell to anyone.