Buntal Jinsin Straw Fabric

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$26.00 (USD)

Buntal Jinsin Straw Fabric.
Grade A Buntal Fabric.
Warp Buntal Straw, Weft Polyester, Made in Philippines.
No Sizing needed.
Our Buntal Jinsin  Straw Fabric is often used in creating free form sculptural hats. It is interwoven Jinsin and polyester.  The Jinsin giving the cloth the strength that helps it hold sculptural shapes.  This straw cloth is often used for hats worn to “The Races”.

39″ wide, sold by the yard.

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ColorSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Jinsin Black Swatch Black S Jinsin Black 36" wide. $26.00 (USD)
Jinsin Orange Swatch Burnt Orange S Jinsin Brt Org 39" wide. $26.00 (USD)
Jinsin Natural with Golden Latte Swatch Golden Latte S Jinsin Latte 39" wide. $26.00 (USD)
Jinsin Natural Medium Grey Swatch Medium Grey S Jinsin Grey 39" wide. $26.00 (USD)
Jinsin Natural Swatch Natural S Jinsin Natural 39" wide. $26.00 (USD)
Jinsin Natural with Gold Rotex Swatch Natural-Gold Lurex S Jinsin Nat Gold 39" wide. $26.00 (USD)
Jinsin Bleached Off White Swatch 2 Off White S Jinsin White 39" wide. Natural Bleached. $26.00 (USD)
Jinsin Old Rose Swatch Old Rose S Jinsin Old Rose 39" wide. $26.00 (USD)
Jinsin Red Swatch Red S Jinsin Red 39" wide. $26.00 (USD)
Jinsin Royal Swatch Royal S Jinsin Royal 39" wide. $26.00 (USD)
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