Hat Facts

A hat is a conversation.
LEKO creating conversations like openings to step through.  Hat Up!

The origins of the phrase “I’ll eat my hat.”

The leftover pieces of pork and beef that are generally considered either not edible or really awful, used to be made into a kind of stew called “hatte.” When a person was really, REALLY sure of something they would state it and if … not correct would agree to eat the “hatte.”

Driving Force – Fun!

Hat makers are creating from a place of doing what we love. A business, quite frankly, built on passion is unstoppable. Fun is a powerful driving force. Hat makers have survived the ups and downs of the marketplace. Hat makers have survived the toxic ingredients from the old hat stiffener that drove them to be “Mad as Hatters”, we have survived the lowering of car roofs that did not allow us to wear our hats inside of cars. We have survived the Popes flippant decree that woman need not wear hats in Church (thank God many wear them anyway!) and we have survived the Unions in the 1960’s that caused hat makers like Halston to turn from hat making to making clothes because you could not fit all the ingredients of a hat on a label. Our roots are deep and wide and we will not stop because we are the innovators, the artists the visionaries who say when we will do this or not do that. Besides we are having too much fun to stop now.

Fashion the Elixir!

In times of great strife (depressions, war, 911) fashion becomes fashionable. Fashion is like an elixir, soothing the hearts and souls of those who strive to feel happy. Happy People buy and make hats. During the last great depression… if a woman was down…the answer was “Go buy a hat, it will lift your spirits.” More than half of women made their own hats in the depression, as evidenced by how many of our grandmothers were milliners. I bet we meet and surpass those numbers if my hunch is right and I feel lucky.

Trend Setters!

Directly after 911 the sales of lipstick and hats soared! We could not buy cars or refrigerators but we could buy a hat, and it did make us feel better. We are in the right place at the right time in a changing economy. We can help make people feel better. We can help start a new conversation and create new meaning by bring to expression parts of ourselves and others that make a difference on the planet. Don’t underestimate the power of happy people wearing hats and expressing themselves in new ways.

Edgy – Cool – Exciting!

New times require new strategies: EXCITING!. This is an exciting time when we will continue to re invent ourselves: EDGY! so that we will bring about new methods: COOL!, new materials and unlimited creations: EXCITING!. Due to the changing economy and the unrest in Egypt, importing hat bodies will never be the same. Weavers of hats find themselves in economies where they can get jobs that are easier and pay better than spending five to fifteen days weaving one hat and selling it to people who under value their art and time. So the price of hat bodies will be increasing exponentially. There will be fewer weavers and fewer factories. The factories that remain will command prices that quite frankly are fair for the work and sheer talent that they offer. The days of slave labor is ending in the weaving industry. Already every boat bringing hat bodies, brings them at increasingly higher prices. If Egypt succeeds in interrupting ships passing through the Suez Canal and the cargo ships are forced to go around the cape, then the prices of importing will increase far beyond the already higher prices from the falling dollar. We are only limited by our imaginations and therefore we are unlimited. What a great exciting time we live in. This is the time when we will take hat making to new heights. Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies has a very Large Inventory in our 18,000 sq ft warehouse. We have been anticipating the market and have purchased large quantities of materials. We feel that we can more then take care of your needs at the BEST Prices.

Platinum Partners!

We are living in an historic time. All seasons are necessary and have value. During our economic season of winter is the time when we grow deep roots, growing strong in values and virtues because of adversity. During one of the depressions in our world’s history, Shakespeare’s father lost his business. Instead of taking over his father’s business, Shakespeare took pen in hand and gave us gifts untold. Great gifts can be found buried in the snow. In the winter we gather the spoils of our spring and summer harvest creating compost that nurtures new ideas and fashions that blossom in time. This is a great time for fashion, a great time for new ideas and new business. This is also a great time to share hat making with the youth so that they can carry on our legacy in a way only they can fathom. Hats by Leko Millinery Supplies is made for the winter, strong, tried and true. www.hatsupply.com is your Platinum Millinery House bringing forth new material and reinventing the old. We stand strong to support your walk down the runway of your imagination. Walk and the bridge will appear.

Don’t be pushed by your problems be led by your dreams. Proverbs.