Customer Feedback

  • “Hatsupply is a house of treasure for milliners, you are the memory and the example of the quality in the millinery suppliers.”
    Philippe Urban
  • I have to tell you that my husband loves your hoods. We do a lot of wet felting, so could make our own, but yours are so much easier to work with and have a great finish! Erin
  • Oh my gosh, you’re amazing. Thank you!!!!  Sean, Metropolitan Opera Company
  • Thanks Leko, super pictures! I like Leko, the hats and the photos; I like Steve and his Apple!!  Cirque du Soleil
  • I just wanted to say that finding a packing slip tucked inside my white and ivory sinamay order from Leko Sandra with the phrase “Happiness Granted” printed boldly at the top, absolutely made my day go from meh to stellar. Thanks for the cheer! Hallie
  • I sure have been enjoying your tutorials….keep them coming. Have a super day, Trish
  • Hello there. I just wanted to complement you on your excellent service and great attention to your customer relations.   Not only did these books came in a timely manner after I ordered them, but my theatre company had some indirect contact with you recently, which was amazing.
  • Hello, I just wanted to say that not only did the order process & ship quickly, but that the product you stock is excellent! After struggling with less than ideal joiners for the last couple of years I am thrilled to be working with a well made piece that fits the wire well. It is a small thing to most, but in the making of so many wire edged brims it is a huge thing for me.
    Thanks again, Kathel
  • I am the resident costume designer for Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Recently, we had an extreme emergency and you helped our new milliner, Kelly, find the hat blocks we needed plus you shipped them out so fast, they arrived almost instantly. It allowed us to meet a terrific new milliner, who I believe is a friend of yours, plus make a deadline for our first production.  Many thanks for your promptness and consideration. Take care, Mara Gottler
  • Dear Ms. Leko,  Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for such great service. Everything is correct and appears to be of the highest quality. I would also like to commend you on your companies policy of using the most economical and fastest shipping available. It saved me almost $ 10.00 on my order. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered from companies and have had the shipping charges cost more then the item I ordered. It is nice to find a company that ships efficiently. Thanks again, looking forward to doing business with you again in the future. Best Regards, Herb
  • Belle says I love Hats by Leko, and Sandra is a doll. I have been working with her for many years now, and not only is her selection superior, but she ships instantly, and is so great to work with. We are friends now, and always visit about each others lives before getting on to business. You don’t find that kind of personal service any more.
  • I am a self professed “Hattibetic.” I wear hats as often as I can and usually receive many complements when I do. I have diagnosed myself with having “Hattibeetees.” I am very happy to have just discovered your website and it is so wonderful. I am now feeling inspired to move forward with my previous notion to create hats so that others may enjoy my love for wearing them. This is not only a website that sells hat making supplies, it is a website that encourages you to enjoy life and to live your life to the fullest, as well as being kind to one another.
    Thank you. Karla
  • Because you were such a big help to me in the beginning when I started making hats I placed a link to your website onto my website so people could find millinery supplies! I appreciate all the help you gave me and the advice in the beginning I hope you don’t mind my placing your link on my website to your site because I don’t tell supplies. If you do mind please let me know! I remain sincere, Rebecca
  • Thank you for sending the order to Taiwan made on the same day. It arrived on time and the products, as usual, were great and of high quality!! Re: Receipt – Thank you so much for sending this to me. Much appreciated. We love your company here at the University of Texas!!!!
  • Just wanted to let you know how much your efficiency is appreciated.  As an Australian living in Singapore I searched everywhere for the items I needed. I was also checking quality along with price – Leko to the rescue. After placing my first order I received it in a week, and I thought that would just be good luck. But then my second order also arrived within the week so all I can say is Wow! And I am so pleased with the quality.  Keep up the fantastic work…you are so appreciated.  Warmest regards, Sandra
  • Dear Leko,
    Thank you so so much for all the fabulous information in your e-mails! Although I have been sewing for years, I am a novice hat maker and was seeking websites for information when I came across yours – THE BEST all around for product information and your sharing personal knowledge/expertise is unparalleled. Terri
  • Dear Leko,
    They are absolutely beautiful. Once again, I am blown away at how lovely your products are, and how quickly you get them here! Thank you so much! Love and light, Fielden
  • I received my dozen straw hat cones and I have to tell you that I am very pleased with the quality of the straw and your efficiency. From USA to Singapore, it took just 8 days for me to get it! Yes, I am a new convert and will be getting more of my supplies from you. Please thank all the packers and whoever has helped in this order. Thank You. Mandy
  • Thank you. I received the package of hat frames. I probably soon will be ordering different sizes of the hat frames. I am very happy with my order. Regards, Alice
  • Just thought I’d take the time to wish you a Happy New Year with my fond wishes for your continued prosperity. You are such a fine company to do business with, and I am so grateful for the extra attention and advice you’ve given me. Beyond the call of duty. Thanks so very much!!!! Frederic
  • I wish to tell you I received your hat, Its the perfect color! The weight is wonderful and looking forward to shaping it. Thank you for the wonderful web site, will definitely order from your company again. Yours truly, Pauline
  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for your prompt shipping and your quality products. The package arrived today. I am making a Halloween costume with a headdress and I ran into difficulties with the headdress and you totally saved me!  Thank you! Annette Pettit
  • Hello, a note of appreciation to say my 2ND millinery order has arrived well packed , and as order requested. Thank you for your great service and care. Best wishes to you all, Rose.
  • Wow, thank you so much! This was my first order placed with Hats by Leko and I could not possibly be any happier. My order was perfect, exactly what I expected it to be, and arrived before I expected it. I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future, and I am already talking about you to my associates. Thanks!! Bryan Strong
  • I must tell you how pleased I am with the hat frames I purchased from you. I made a Victorian wedding hat for Sally Struthers to wear in our production of HELLO, DOLLY!
  • After searching for milliner supplies for years I came across your company on the Internet. The quality of the items I received were excellent. I have book marked your company and listed you in my favorites. I will be a return customer many times over and will recommend your company with enthusiasm! If I am able I will send you a picture of Miss Struthers wearing the hat.Thank you so very much, Barbara
  • Monday Night.  I am down in California and this past weekend I sold my hats at the La Quinta Arts Festival. (ranked #3 in the U.S.) Using your advice… reinventing myself… my way of doing business. I feel better about myself and in turn my customers feel it. I had one of my best shows ever!! And I won the “Award of Merit” in fiber. I just started this stuff and it’s working. Thank you my friend… You Rock!!  The Panamas were a hit…everyone loved them. Do you still have the others set aside that I didn’t get?  Thanks much, Hugs for you. Della
  • RJ Preston Sombreros. I only use your capelines and hoods, they are the best out there!! Thanks
  • My name is Leigh Anne Teal (Rutkovsky).  I have been doing business with Sandi Leko for years…I just wanted to tell Hats By Leko, her company has saved my life…She helps with every little detail…has a comprehensive easy to navigate website and arranges for seamless shipping…I am a single mom putting my daughter through med school, making and selling hats helps me do this…without her professional expertise and all of her personal interest in making sure I always have everything I need, how things fit…the unsurpassed quality of everything she sells, I could not have such a great reputation for all that I do…Thank you Sandi…Leigh Anne
  • Got my Hats really quickly and in great condition. Each one is more darling than the last! I can already envision what they will look like all dressed up in velvet and pearls! And thanks for the great tip on the sweetheart frame! Once we flipped it around backwards it is simply perfect. Just a box full of lovely stuff! Looking forward to next time!  Amy Adams
  • I LOVE the Hat. It was perfect and my client loved the end result. Pro-Trainers Merchandising – “Our focus is on standards”…Keven Callahan – Director Merchandising – Universal Orlando Resort
  • In the spring of 1991 I attended a hat making class given by Sandra Leko. After completing this class I developed a unique style in hat making and decided to go into business as a milliner.With the continued expertise of Sandra Leko my business grew from year to year collecting customers and collectors, from California , Nevada , Utah , Texas , Arizona and New York In the summer of 2003 I was approached by the television series “The Young and The Restless”, to create hats for the part played by Victoria Rowell.  Collectors include former First Lady of California Mrs. Gray Davis, television actress/Jackee, the cast of the television show “Friends”, and the following actors, Vivica Fox (Access Hollywood) Holly Robinson, Lannie Kazan, Tracy Ross, and Mrs. Samuael L. Jackson.  I am truly grateful to Sandra Leko for the continued support, knowledge, dedication, education, and time that she has given in making my career a rewarding and prosperous venture. Her dedication to her students and customers has provided a rewarding career to many in this industry.  Pachara, Fine Millinery Artist
  • Wanda Chambers says I vote for Hats by Leko. I am a millinery design student at FIT in New York City. This company gets an A++ in my book. The quality of their merchandise, the service provided by these friendly and courteous ladies provided me with the tools I needed to turn there raw materials into works of art. When you find honest and reliable business people you refer them to your friends and relations.
  • Lia says I am the craftsperson at Seattle Opera and I love Hats by Leko! I can’t recommend them enough. In a business with fickle shops and sometimes shockingly rude salespersons, Hats by Leko stands out for their quality products, personable customer service and reasonable prices. Thank you for being a great resource!
  • Denise says As the milliner at a theatre company on the east coat I have turned to the west coast for my supplies. I have been using Hats by Leko as my main supplier for many years now. As so many sources have been drying up, Sandra has been expanding. She is responsive to the needs of her clients, always trying to improve her already extensive stock offerings. She serves up top quality merchandise with care. As a millinery teacher I use Hats by leko as the supplier for my students who are always pleased with the designs that they are able to realize with her help. all this and she is lovely to deal with too.
  • Margarethe Soesman says It is with great pleasure that I leave this comment for HATS BY LEKO Saundra had a dream and she made the dream real. She constantly searches for a newer and better way to present her materials for hat making. From the cowboy styles, to the yester years styles, the millions of grossgrain and the “bones” of hatmaking. Constantly trying more ways to market it. Her knowledge is unequaled in these past years. She is fair and more then happy to help, – you create your own idea of what a hat is. I have seen Anael grow from this cute little baby into this more and more stunning little lady. You will want Saundra, as you major go to person, she has so many more ideas that have not even been tapped. Go guys, you rock
  • Susan E. Lanzara says I just received my first order from Hats by Leko – French veiling for my bridal veil business. Beautiful product and exceptional customer service! It was an honor to cast my vote for Leko and Sandra
  • Rita Overton says As a costumer, I love all the products that Saundra carries! Old pros from New York are amazed at the kind of materials I get from her — obviously she’s doing something right. Not only is her stock top-notch, but she is kind and responsive — and has a sense of humor.



The origins of the phrase “I’ll eat my hat.”

The leftover pieces of pork and beef that are generally considered either not edible or really awful, used to be made into a kind of stew called “hatte.” When a person was really, REALLY sure of something they would state it and if … not correct would agree to eat the “hatte.”

  • Thank you! Yvette
  • LOVE YOU LEKO. Tracy
  • Thank you very much for this. Much appreciated. Hazel
  • Thanks I’m just getting started and need supplies I can afford. Neal
  • YOU ROCK! You are the Magic Hat Goddess spreading love and positive truth. Thanks!! K.T.
  • Thank you! Also thanks for the Grosgrain book. I enjoyed it and it was very easy to read. Susan
  • Bring on more secret milliner power!!! “Was I fun before the hat?” Chicken…egg…chicken…egg… Thank you this made my day!! Anne in Chicago

“Here is a GIFT for you… no strings attached”

  • Thank you for thinking of me. I love the book!!! André
  • Thank you! Monika
  • Thanks for the book! Hope you’ve had a great year! Angela
  • THANK YOU! Rita
  • Thank you so much! Linda
  • Thank you so very much. This is terrific. Camilla
  • YOU are KOOL TOO! Have a GREAT ONE! Gwendolyn
  • Thank you Leko, YOU rock!!!!!! Tracy
  • Thank you so much. This will definitely be a treasure to keep. Debbie
  • Thanks for the gift…. it will definitely come in handy for my future hat projects! Love the website too! Ken
  • Thank you!! Such a real little read that was… 🙂
  • I just wanted to say thank you very much for the free ebook – very much appreciated!! Cheers Emma
  • Thank you so much Sandra!! Very wonderful. I will be ordering some proper grosgrain from you in the near future!! XO Elsie
  • Thank you, Leko, I’ll share that with my students, Sandy/Allyns
  • Thank you so much your gift. Alma
  • Thank you so much for this book! You are kind to share this information. Since I started making hats on my own, I have had many questions and very few people want to share information so I truly appreciate your generosity! My Best to you, Marlys
  • Thank you very much for the book! Vestifica
  • Thank you, I can’t wait to read it. Katie
  • Thank you so much for the free book. I haven’t even read past page 6 and have learned so much. Susan
  • Thank you for the free copy of Hat Making Volume One. It couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. I have just blocked my first three cloches and have begun the process of blanket stitching the wire to the rim. I was planning to have the grosgrain on tomorrow — PERFECT!
  • My husband connected me to your sight after researching materials for the blocks he purchased this last month . . . I am enjoying making hats so much that I hear he is now looking for a “12 Step Program” for people who can’t get enough and sit up nights shopping through hat supply catalogs. I already had an order made up before your e-mail arrived. Thank you again. Nancy
  • Thanks for the gift. Ready to use some of the tips today. Thank You. Deborah

“More Secret Milliner Powers: Travel Hat-‘I-Can”-tation + how to claim your powers to fly”

  • This was SO good!!! That you for sending this out and giving us a smile and some help/history and ideas!!! I think that’s what I needed – Holy water and some good JuJu!!! Hats will just fly out now! heheeh
  • I Love this site – it brings back memories from 55 years ago when I made hats in Soho, London – I still recall many of the hats I made for Debenhams, Harrods, Selfridges, Galeries LaFayette. I started making hats again this year but lost my job through company closure, but when I see your website it spurs me on to maybe make some and try to sell them. Here in California no one wears hats unfortunately, so don’t think my business would ever grow too much in design hats, just berets and soft hats. Thank you for sharing all of your pictures with everyone.
  • Thank you for the speedy response – was not expecting it, and that’s why I love your site. I am thinking of making vintage hats to start – I know of a couple of stores near me selling vintage clothing – also thank you for the information re the Millinery Guild in LA. I will research and I promise not to give up – yet!
  • Promise!!! Jac
  • Very informative, thanks. Jaime
  • Thank you! This is wonderful. Mary
  • Thank you LEKO~ What a great way to start the day with a smile and KNOWLEDGE!!! 🙂 XOXO
  • AWESOME!!!!!! Sew kind of you to share!!! XOXOXOXXOXOOX2U
  • Thank you Sandra…..I had a dream last night about making one of these hats….AND here you are!!!!!! Great….thanks for your help…
  • This is one of my favorite emails that I have ever received! The last thing that I read before opening this was writings by my dear friend, Jen Frances, The Blessing Maven. She writes about the ritual in all things, and the divineness in each and every one of us. Thanks so much for all that you do! Blessings, Fielden
  • Hat’s very im”press”ive! Steams to be a very comfy hat. Michael

They won’t ever MAKE YOU EAT YOUR HAT AGAIN + the Art of Alchemy!

  • Thank you for your emails! I read every one and tonight you helped me through a difficult day.
  • Wow!! This couldn’t have come at a better time!!! Thank you SO much for taking the time to send these out!!! It’s SO nice to have a milliner mentor!! You are the best!! Susan
  • Dear Leko,
    I ordered hat materials from you a few months ago (for the first time.) Little did I know that I would be receiving your occasional updates, ruminations and meditations! I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate these messages from you! With kind regards and best wishes, Valeska
  • Thank you, I needed to read that. I’m working to be more positive.
  • Thank you. Lisa
  • I have been enjoying your letters but this one is FANTASTIC. This past Spring my Nemesis caused me to lose my job. I went into a deep depression but with the help of family and some meds I am doing better now. This e-mail describes EXACTLY how to combat what happened to me and what is (unfortunately) happening to many others. When the economy gets bad and money gets tight the mean people survive on the backs of the kind people — and this letter shows us how to STOP IT. Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I look forward to the next letter 🙂
  • Ms. Sandra .. Thank you so much.. I needed this especially now when I am in full gear moving into being my positive self again. I am once again discovering how joyous life can be when you get the power to stop the negativity. I have had to deal with my traumatic pains in a more creative way. I have a story to tell and would hope it would help others at my strongest point in life I know it shall be necessary. I guess I ate my hat before but not anymore… thanks for the lesson.. Jackie
  • Sandra, This is very nice. Thanks for sending it. Happy New Year! I will be positive this year…Donna
  • Leko- Thanks so much for the e-mail! I just eat my hat with a “friend”. I sure needed the encouragement!!! –Nina
  • Thank you for your kindness!! I am so enjoying being a newbie to your site and I must say you are an incredible inspiration! Thanks!!Marie French-Thanks for letting me be a part of your world!  Marie
  • Sandra–that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thank you so much for your email. I am going through something like this with a client..finally needed to put my foot down with them and take care of myself rather than them thinking they make decisions for my business. I’m going to save your list. Linda
  • Dear Leko, I love your mail. The alchemy you describe is what I am doing. You make it all fit in. I had the same thing happen in our family business and it really has attracted all sorts of things. I just know that it happened for good. All of the situations surrounding this incident happened for good and all I know is that Divine Love goes before us to make a way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You are wonderful and I am so grateful. All my love to you and to your art, Sarah


  • I’m completely in love with my new superpowers since I have recently started to make hats! I purchased a tricorn and a couple other buckrams a while back and having a blast tinkering. I’m so happy I found your website and I adore you humor!
  • Thank you, I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying that much attention when I ordered. Maybe I’m still a pretty greenie! I will stock up and yes if you had any instruction on how to create your own domed pillboxes, I probably will need to mull that one over before attempting. Thank god for Leko the Queen of cool hat info. Probably will see an order from me in the coming weeks.
  • IT’S ALL TRUE!!! Thanks again Leko. xo
  • Awesome!!! I will wear my hat proudly 😉
  • Words alone could never thank enough for these inspiring and often very informative emails!!! I am a struggling retailer/designer – a real live corporate reject from financial planning to fashion – who got my ‘big’ start by creating from your pillbox and skull cap bases!
  • O LOOOOVE THIS!!!!!!
  • Thanks for the words of wisdom! Barbara
  • I love your emails. LOL. E
  • I am so very grateful that I started buying from you. You’re like a big smiling cup of “You can do it and the universe will love it”. THANKS! Sending you back lots of love and light 🙂 K.T.
  • You are so awesome to send this! Last year at this time I had not even made my first hat–for that matter I didn’t even know I was going to WANT to make a hat! Now I dream of hats, and making silk flowers. I have not taken a class. I just dove in, not that I would not love to take a class. I would, but I can’t wait…I have to do it now. And I am:). Thank you for your enthusiasm and good vibes.   Marlys
  • Thank you for sending that today it really did help. Derrick
  • Whenever I am cycling through some energy of self-doubt, I pull up these emails and they ALWAYS help me to summon my creative Goddess and shine out magnetic rays of light and love. I just want to thank you so much for that gift. Your positive support and wise encouragement are so appreciated. In gratitude, Fielden
  • Well said! Thank you!! “Create a compelling future…every hat carries within it MAGIC. Claim the energy that is imbued into the hat when it was crafted.” Bill


  • This was a truly magical and fun tutorial. Thank you for starting my morning creativity. Kimbery
  • Thank you, I appreciate your generosity. Arlene
  • Thank you for that Sandra! Very fun. Jodyne
  • NICE ONE Leko. Loved this creation with just veiling! Going into my binder and will try it. Thanks Millie
  • Hello, I loved my newest letter from you!!!! Thank you for taking the time to make it. I am so touched! I have a question, I have been making art quilts since 1989 and I have had at least 25 shows since I started. I have fallen hard for hat making. I have such a good feeling about it. I will be 50 this year and I can see myself making it a goal to someday master hat making. I love the sculpture aspect of it. I love to dye and have already dyed 3 lbs. of emu feathers. AM I Crazy or having a “Mid-Life Crisis”?? My mother who I am very close to is not in good health and the sad thing is I don’t have a daughter to hang out with although, I can borrow other peoples kids. What do you think? I know you are not a shrink. I am such a open person I don’t mind if you post question and your answer publicly. Thank you and warmest regards, Holly
  • Holly, You don’t need to worry. You give everything the meaning it has. So it doesn’t matter where the energy comes from. What matters is that you are using it in a creative way that brings value to yourself and to others. But if I were writing your story I would change it to something like:
    All my years of experience have brought me to this moment when I am ready to express myself out in the world and become all that I can be! You can rewrite it to better suit you. Just saying…
  • Thanks Leko! Your rendision of this materpiece is great. Including your sense of humor made it even more enjoyable. I always like to receive your emails and know whats going on in the “hat world”. Happy New Year to you and may 2012 be the best year ever! Regards, Fay
  • Thank you Sandra…………love your thoughts…………took a long time for me to learn but finally is better than never…………… Trish
  • Again, a home run~thank you so much!!!!!!! Great timing too…………….. Sending hugs, Trish

“Millinery Secret, How to Profit with no risk!”

  • THANK YOU!!!! I just placed an order. Merry Christmas to me. xo
  • Good evening. My goods have just arrived and they are just beautiful. Perfect condition and excellent quality. The antique French veiling is absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely be ordering more in the near future. Many thanks. Kind regards, Jannette & John
  • Hi Leko, a note to say you have indeed granted happiness today with the very prompt arrival of my latest order. Love the navy French veiling with hearts, oh yum! Hope your week is grand. Many thanks. Rose x.

“I’m Blest to Share with you for the Holiday’s”

  • Thanks Leko, super pictures! I like Leko, the hats and the photos; I like Steve and his Apple!!
    Cirque du Soleil
  • Thank you and the best to you and yours as well. Steve
  • Thank you …………Ms Leko…..I truly needed to hear that this moment!!! With love to you…….one of your tiny accts!!!! Cori
  • Wishing you Happy Holidays Leko to you and yours. Thank you for being so easy to do business with, always patient with questions and immediate with sending orders. Thank you so much for all your hard work, I hope for you it pays off in many ways. Cheers and joy, Goldie

“A Gift for you: holiday tips”

  • Supper, thanks Leko. Happy Thanksgiving!

“A Gift for you: Boater Tutorial”

  • Thanks for that, Sandra. You look really beautiful with your shining hair. Anna
  • HAPPY THANKSGIVING Ms. Sandy and company. Thanks for the lesson I shall definitely make one. By the way you are just glam. Jackie
  • LOVE this!!!! Hope you are having a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!!! Susan
  • Thanks for that and greetings from New Zealand 🙂 Monika
  • Hi Leko, a note to wish you and your fabulous team a very Happy Thanksgiving. I have been giving thanks to you in the past few weeks for the inspiring words and very helpful tutorials you have been sending out to us. A note to confirm how helpful I have found them. I work on my own in my little hat business from our farm in Western Australia so a little encouragement and knowledge from afar is perhaps more appreciated than you might realize. Kind regards, Rose ox
  • Thank you very much. what kind of iron were you using? I couldn’t find it in your list. Maggi
    It’s a Rowenta Travel Iron. Thanks for asking. You are very welcome. Leko
  • Thanks for the great tutorials. Kathy
  • Hi Sandra, I am…finally….beginning to actually “make” hats…..yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I saw your email about the tutorials and I was very excited. This one is awesome……….thank you very much. I have been looking for a mentor here in Denver with no luck so You Tube, tutorials are my best friends right now. I will order hat bodies next week. Exciting……….I will, as always, count on you to steer me in the right direction. Hats in Denver consist of baseball caps, cowboy hats but mostly some sort of fleece. But, I will make them for me………… Thanks Sandra……….Trish
  • Thank you that was great I can’t believe there were no blocks used I’m definitely going to give this a try. Thanks, Narelle

“Another gift for you: Madhatter Tutorial”

  • Hello lovely lady. Thanks for the tutorial – much appreciated!! p.s. – Has anyone ever mentioned that you look a bit like Helen Mirren 🙂 Greetings from NZ. Monika
  • That is wonderful, thank you Leko. I am very much “wedded” to the blocking technique and both this tute and the boater one show me another way of doing things. Rose
  • Wonderful, Thank you! Mary
  • Thank you so much for the two new tutorials you emailed…they are great. As I said earlier, I am finally getting “in” to doing what I have wanted to do—-in a different way that is—for quite some time. The tutorials spur me on even more……
  • Thanks again! Barbara
  • Thank you so much for the email and tutorial i love them. I also love hats i love wearing them .I would love to learn how to make them . I don’t know where to buy supplies for them and i would love step my step instructions on how to make them. I sew my own clothes and can’t find the right hat most of the time. i’m crazy in love with the flapper style hats. that’s what looks best on me. I hope you would help me in my search. Audrey

“A Time for Giving… Classic Hat Tutorial”

  • I really appreciate the tutorials, they are very helpful and I look forward to completing new projects. Thanks, Catherine
  • Thank you. This is really helpful! Shelly
  • Thank you 🙂 Monika
  • Thank you for always being so helpful, for all your tips to the novice hat maker and for sending me such lovely treats! Have a wonderful new year!!! Sincerely, Miko
  • Thank you again, Sandra………..great tutorial. Easy to follow and very informative. Thanks so much! Trish
  • AHH good stuff. Sharon
  • OH MY. Thank you so much. I really needed the encouragement at this time. You are the best.  Thanks for giving back. Sending lots of good your way. 🙂 Irene

“Happy Holidays you can take to the bank!”

  • Happy holidays to you too. Thanks for all you do for us hat mavens. More success to us all for 2012. Blessings and love, Illona
  • And Happy Holidays to you! Valeska
  • Thanks for the coupon! I hope to order a bit after Christmas. I like your outlook. Take Care be Safe always. Kathy
  • I just wanted to let you know that I received my order and am thrilled with everything! The box arrived quickly and the hats and velvet leaves are just lovely. I hope to do business with you again in the near future. Thanks again! With warm regards, Holly
  • Good Morning Sandra. I want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate and value our business relationship as well as our friendship. Thank you so much for the encouragement and knowledge you so freely share to help us all be better milliners and individuals. You are a pleasure to know. Here’s hoping your new year rocks!!!