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Wool Blocked & Stiffened 5″ Brim

In stock and ready for quick shipment

$29.00 (USD)

Wool Blocked & Stiffened 5 € brim size 22 € crown, can be re sized.
The Blocked and Stiffened hat bodies are not ROUNDED (the brims are not trimmed).
Pre-Blocked and stiffened wool hat bodies are ready for you to finish shaping into the hats your customers are needing, but 1/2 the work is done.
These are not steamed out.

Color: Black and Tobacco.

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SKU: WOOL Blocked

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ColorSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Blocked Wool Capeline Black WOOL Blocked Blk $29.00 (USD)
Wool Blocked Tobacco Swatch Tobacco WOOL Blocked Tobacco $29.00 (USD)
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