Window Pane Sinamay Straw Fabric

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Patterned and Printed Sinamay Straw Fabric. Window Pane Weave Sinamay.
Medium Stiffening, 1/4 in. panes, width 35-36″.
Learn how to make amazing Sinamay hats on!  See Tutorial on Tutorials Page.

Philip Treacy, who designed Camilla’s wedding hat often uses Window Pane Straw Fabric to make his hats as he did on this special occasion.
2 yd. min.

New Colors Coming Soon!

Sinamay is cut to order and is non returnable.
Sinamay Fabric cannot be shipped to Australia.

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Colors Selections

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Ivory Window Pane Sinamay Swatch Ivory S SinWP Ivory $13.50
Natural Window Pane Sinamay Swatch Natural S SinWP Natural $13.50
Navy Window Pane Sinamay Swatch Navy S SinWP Navy $13.50
Black Window Pane Sinamay Swatch Black S SinWP Black $13.50
no image Grey S SinWP Grey $13.50
Out of Stock
no image Nude S SinWP Nude $13.50
Out of Stock
no image Blue S SinWP Blue $13.50
Out of Stock
no image Gold S SinWP Gold $13.50
Out of Stock
no image Red S SinWP Red $13.50
Out of Stock
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