Tulle Flower

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Tulle Flower.

$3.10 ea. per dz.
You can mix colors for the dozen pricing.

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SKU: FL21503

Colors Selections

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
whiteTullle White FL21503 White $4.50
lavendertulle Pale Lavender FL21503 PaleLaven $4.50
ltBeigeTulle Light Beige FL21503 Light Beige $4.50
buttertulle Golden Butter Shaded FL21503 GoldButter $4.50
pinktulle Faded Pink Shaded FL21503 FadedPink $4.50
browntulle Brown/Beige FL21503 BrnBeige $4.50
blacktulle2 Black Shaded FL21503 Black $4.50
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