Hand Painted Organza Dragonflies & Butterflies

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Hand Painted Organza Dragonflies & Butterflies.

$1.80 ea. per dz.
You can mix colors and styles for the dz. discount.

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Cream Dragonfly Swatch Cream Dragonfly F AB004 Cream $3.50
Cream Butterfly Cream Butterfly F AB001 Cream $3.50
Black Dragonfly Black Dragonfly F AB003 Black $3.50
Black Butterfly Black Butterfly F AB002 Black $3.50
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Not too fast, not too fast,
Let it grow, let it last,
Nature knows when and why…the butterfly.

I remember one morning when I saw a cocoon in the bark of a tree;
I remember I marveled that imprisoned inside was a butterfly waiting to be free.

I was very impatient so I warmed the cocoon with the breath of my sighs,
And the butterfly trembled and began to emerge like a miracle right before my eyes.

All at once I discovered that its delicate wings were all crumpled and torn,
When he still wasn’t ready I had made him be born.
I was stronger than nature and I had made him be born.

But the wonder of life had a definite plan,
So he died in my hand by the will, not of God, but of man.

Not too fast, not too fast,
Every one has a moment and I’m waiting for mine,
When I’m finally free.
But I mustn’t be hurried.
Give me light…give me time.
Like the butterfly…like the butterfly…

Not too fast, not too fast,

Let me grow, let me last.
Nature knows when and why…like the butterfly.

Author Unknown

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Cream Dragonfly, Cream Butterfly, Black Dragonfly, Black Butterfly

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