Candy Flower

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5″ Candy Flower.
Colors: Black, Burgundy, Ivory, Lilac, Mauve, Navy/Midnight, Red/Black, White

$8.50 ea. min. 6.
You can mix colors for the 1/2 dz. pricing.


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SKU: F Candy

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ColorSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Candy White White F Candy White $12.50
Candy Red Red/Black F Candy Red $12.50
Candy Navy Navy/Midnight F Candy Navy $12.50
Candy Mauve Mauve F Candy Mauve $12.50
Candy Lilac Lilac F Candy Lilac $12.50
Candy Ivory Ivory F Candy Ivory $12.50
Candy Burgundy Burgundy F Candy Burgundy $12.50
Candy Black Black F Candy Black $12.50
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Note: Flowers are not colorfast.

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