Blooming Roses by Leko

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5″ Velvet & Organza Rose with two Velvet Leaves.
Flower Pin Included.

$12.75 ea. per dz.
You can mix colors for the dz. discount.

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SKU: FL24619

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Blooming White White FL24619 White $13.75
Blooming Beige White Beige White FL24619 Beige White $13.75
Blooming Beige Beige FL24619 Beige $13.75
Blooming Dark Beige Dark Beige FL24619 Dark Beige $13.75
Out of Stock
Blooming Black Black FL24619 Black $13.75
Out of Stock
Blooming Pink Moss Pink/Moss FL24619 PinkMoss $13.75
Blooming Mauve Eggplant Mauve Shaded Eggplant FL24619 MauveEgg $13.75
Blooming Purple Eggplant Purple/Eggplant FL24619 PurpleEgg $13.75
Blooming Red Burgundy Red Shaded Burgundy FL24619 Red $13.75
Out of Stock
Blooming Moss Hunter Moss/Hunter FL24619 MossHunt $13.75
Blooming Chocolate 2 Chocolate FL24619 Chocolate $13.75
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“All of us who have uncovered faces behold the glory of the Beings of Beings as though reflected in a mirror, and we are being transformed into that same image from one degree of glory to another, by the Spirit of that Divine Presence”


Flowers are not colorfast.

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Weight0.04 lbs

White, Beige White, Beige, Dark Beige, Black, Pink/Moss, Mauve Shaded Eggplant, Purple/Eggplant, Red Shaded Burgundy, Moss/Hunter, Chocolate

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