Stretch Adjustable Fit Sweatband

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Stretch Adjustable Fit Sweatband, Patent Pending.
This new improved cotton elastic sweatband is formed of two mutually resilient and stretchable elastic components. The elastic sweatband and the elastic ribbon drawstring cooperatively provide a more secure attachment of the hat to the head for the wearer and permit the same hat to fit a number of different people with differently sized heads.
This sweatband is being used by woman’s and men’s hat manufacturers.  Useful to reduce the size of a hat or hat body.  Your customers have been clamoring for this design. Because of your many requests Hats By Leko has a PATENT PENDING, and is giving the adjustable sweatband back to the hat community.

$6.00 ea. or $4.50 ea. per dz. +

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Auto-draft Beige 22" SW Sweat Bge 22 $6.00 USD

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Weight.2500 lbs

Beige 22"

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