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Machine Woven Sinamay Fabric, Medium Stiffening.
The Beauty of Natural Textiles – Sinamay Fabric is made of abaca fiber also known as Manila hemp. This machine woven fabric uses premium quality fiber that has medium stiffening. It has less nodes and more even textile than hand weaved. Using steam or water processing makes the Sinamay Fabric easily molded, reshaped, curled or twisted. It is the perfect material for hats, headpieces and embellishment accessories.

14×16 yarns/inch
Size: 35-36” wide
Made in the Philippines

Learn how to make amazing Sinamay hats on!  See Tutorial on Tutorials Page.
Sinamay is cut to order and is non-returnable.
Sinamay Fabric cannot be shipped to Australia.

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Colors Selections

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Pale Peach 97 Stiffened Sinamay Swatch Pale Peach 97 S SinaYd C 97 $12.50 (USD)
Sinamay Stiffened Fabric Nude Swatch Nude S SinaYd Nude Pale Pink $12.50 (USD)
Pale Pink 81 Stiffened Sinamay Pale Pink 47A S SinaYd Pale Pink $12.50 (USD)
Light Pink 14 Stiffened Sinamay Light Pink 14 S SinaYd C 14 $12.50 (USD)
Hot Pink 95 Stiffened Sinamay Swatch 2 Hot Pink 95 S SinaYd C 95 $12.50 (USD)
Orange 96 Stiffened Sinamay Orange 96 S SinaYd C 96 $12.50 (USD)
Red 10 Stiffened Sinamay Red 10 S SinaYd C 10 $12.50 (USD)
Cherry Red 85 Stiffened Sinamay Swatch 2 Cherry Red 85 S SinaYd C 85 $12.50 (USD)
Sinamay Stiffened Fabric Lilac Swatch Lilac 57A S SinaYd Lilac $12.50 (USD)
Sinamay Stiffened Fabric Periwinkle Swatch Periwinkle 03 S SinaYd Periwinkle $12.50 (USD)
Sparkling Grape 101 Stiffened Sinamay Sparkling Grape 101 S SinaYd C 101 $12.50 (USD)
Purple 99 Stiffened Sinamay Purple 99 S SinaYd C 99 $12.50 (USD)
Light Yellow 04 Stiffened Sinamay Light Yellow 04 S SinaYd C 04 $12.50 (USD)
Dark Yellow Stiffened Sinamay Dark Yellow 83 S SinaYd C 83 $12.50 (USD)
Dark Gold Stiffened Sinamay Dark Gold 59 S SinaYd C 59 $12.50 (USD)
Lime 102 Stiffened Sinamay Lime 102 S SinaYd C 102 $12.50 (USD)
Chartreuse 102A Stiffened Sinamay Chartreuse 102A S SinaYd C 102A $12.50 (USD)
Olive 41 Stiffened Sinamay Swatch Olive 41 S SinaYd C 41 $12.50 (USD)
Green 94 Stiffened Sinamay Swatch 2 Green 94 S SinaYd C 94 $12.50 (USD)
23 Sky Blue Stiffened Sinamay Sky Blue 23 S SinaYd C 23 $12.50 (USD)
Light Marine Blue 103 Stiffened Sinamay Swatch 2 Light Marine Blue 103 S SinaYd C 103 $12.50 (USD)
Turquoise 19 Stiffened Sinamay Turquoise 19 S SinaYd C 19 $12.50 (USD)
Navy 11A Stiffened Sinamay Swatch 2 Navy 11A S SinaYd C 11A $12.50 (USD)
Ecru 46 Stiffened Sinamay Swatch 2 Ecru 46 S SinaYd C 46 $12.50 (USD)
Tan 60 Stiffened Sinamay Tan 60 S SinaYd C 60 $12.50 (USD)
Sinamay Stiffened Fabric Rosewood Swatch Rosewood 15 S SinaYd Rosewood Mauve $12.50 (USD)
Light Brown 42 Stiffened Sinamay Light Brown 42 S SinaYd C 42 $12.50 (USD)
Sinamay Stiffened Fabric Brown Swatch Brown 112 S SinaYd Brown Dark Mauve $12.50 (USD)
Chocolate 84 Stiffened Sinamay Swatch 2 Chocolate 84 S SinaYd C 84 $12.50 (USD)
Sinamay Stiffened Fabric Cool Grey Swatch Cool Grey 20 S SinaYd Cool Grey $12.50 (USD)
Sinamay Stiffened Fabric French Grey Swatch French Grey 57 S SinaYd Fr Grey $12.50 (USD)
Gray 91 Stiffened Sinamay Swatch 2 Gray 91 S SinaYd C 91 $12.50 (USD)
Out of Stock
Black 12 Stiffened Sinamay Black 12 S SinaYd 12 S $12.50 (USD)
Black 12 Stiffened Sinamay Rolls Black 12 Roll S SinaY50 12 S $574.14 (USD)
White 01 Stiffened Sinamay White White 01 S SinaYd 01 We have White White Un-stiffened Sinamay. $14.50 (USD)
Out of Stock
White 01 Stiffened Sinamay Rolls White White 01 Roll S SinaY50 01 $683.50 (USD)
Out of Stock
Ivory 25 Stiffened Sinamay Ivory 25 S SinaYd 25 S $12.50 (USD)
Ivory-25-Stiffened-Sinamay-Rolls Ivory 25 Roll S SinaY50 25 S $574.14 (USD)
Natural 80 Stiffened Sinamay Natural 80 S SinaYd 80 S $12.50 (USD)
Natural 80 Stiffened Sinamay Rolls Natural 80 Roll S SinaY50 80 S $546.80 (USD)
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Weight0.1875 lbs

Pale Peach 97, Nude, Pale Pink 47A, Light Pink 14, Hot Pink 95, Orange 96, Red 10, Cherry Red 85, Lilac 57A, Periwinkle 03, Sparkling Grape 101, Purple 99, Light Yellow 04, Dark Yellow 83, Dark Gold 59, Lime 102, Chartreuse 102A, Olive 41, Green 94, Sky Blue 23, Light Marine Blue 103, Turquoise 19, Navy 11A, Ecru 46, Tan 60, Rosewood 15, Light Brown 42, Brown 112, Chocolate 84, Cool Grey 20, French Grey 57, Gray 91, Black 12, Black 12 Roll, White White 01, White White 01 Roll, Ivory 25, Ivory 25 Roll, Natural 80, Natural 80 Roll


We have no control over what the factory in the Philippines calls Medium Stiffening. It varies from roll to roll and can not be returned or exchanged because the stiffening is lighter or heavier than last time you purchased it. If you absolutely need the stiffening to be the same each time buy the white or black UNSTIFFENED sinamay and stiffen it yourself. If you need colors, dye it first and then stiffen it.  So sorry, this is as perfect as the world of sinamay gets, but since it is one of our best sellers, I think it is pretty darn perfect even without perfection.

Note: Colors will vary depending on your monitor and there will also be some variations due to dye lots.

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