#5 (7/8″) Rare Scalloped Edged Acetate Grosgrain

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$1.30$26.50 (USD)

#5 (7/8″) Acetate Grosgrain with Scalloped Edges.
This rare, acetate grosgrain ribbon can be swirled.
Size: #5 (7/8″).
Yardage: 5 yd. min. per cut.
Rolls: 50 yd. rolls.

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SKU: GG Scal

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Color/SizeSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Scalloped Lilac Lilac GG Scal Yd Lilac $1.30 (USD)
Scalloped Lilac Lilac Rolls GG Scal R Lilac $26.50 (USD)
Scalloped Olive Olive GG Scal Yd Olive $1.30 (USD)
Out of Stock
Scalloped Olive Olive Rolls GG Scal R Olive $26.50 (USD)
Out of Stock
Scalloped Turquoise Turquoise GG Scal Yd Turq $1.30 (USD)
Scalloped Turquoise Turquoise Rolls GG Scal R Turq $26.50 (USD)
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Lilac, Lilac Rolls, Olive, Olive Rolls, Turquoise, Turquoise Rolls


Grosgrain is not guaranteed to be colorfast.

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