(D) #16 (2″) Millinery Grosgrain Ribbon

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#16 Millinery Grosgrain Ribbon.
Millinery Grosgrain is manufactured in the USA and made from 50% Cotton/50 % Rayon.
The ‘s’ in grosgrain is not pronounced.
Size: #16 (2″).
Yardage: 5 yd. min. purchase.
Rolls: 50 yds.

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SKU: GG Yd 16

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
16 GG White White GG Yd 16 White $8.95
Out of Stock
16 GG White White Rolls GG R 16 White $56.00
Out of Stock
16 GG Ivory Ivory GG Yd 16 Ivory $8.95
16 GG Perisol Perisol GG Yd 16 Perisol $8.95
Out of Stock
16 GG Camel Camel GG Yd 16 Camel $8.95
16 GG Camel Camel Rolls GG RN16 Camel $56.00
Out of Stock
16 GG Light Taupe Light Taupe GG Rare 16 Lt Taupe $8.95
16 GG Blush Blush GG Rare 16 Blush $8.95
16 GG Burly Wood Burly Wood GG Rare 16 Burly Wood $8.95
16 GG Butterscotch Butterscotch GG Rare 16 Butterscotch $8.95
16 GG English Tan English Tan GG Yd 16 English Tan $8.95
16 GG English Tan English Tan Rolls GG RN16 English Tan $56.00
16 GG Brown Brown GG Yd 16 Brown $8.95
16 GG Brown Brown Rolls GG RN16 Brown $56.00
16 GG Corn Silk Cornsilk GG Rare 16 Corn Silk $8.95
16 GG Straw Body Beige Straw Body Beige GG Yd 16 St B B $8.95
16 GG Straw Body Beige Straw Body Beige Rolls GG RN16 St B B $56.00
16 GG Hemp Hemp GG Yd 16 Hemp $8.95
16 GG Hemp Hemp Rolls GG RN16 Hemp $56.00
16 GG Fashion Fuchsia Fashion Fuchsia GG Rare 16 Fashion Fuchsia $8.95
16 GG Royal Fuchsia Royal Fuchsia GG Rare 16 Royal Fuchsia $8.95
16 GG Raspberry Raspberry GG Rare 16 Raspberry $8.95
16 GG Amaranth Amaranth GG Rare 16 Amaranth $8.95
16 GG Red 2 Red 2 GG Rare 16 Red $8.95
16 GG Red Red GG Yd 16 Red $8.95
16 GG Bright Orange Bright Orange GG Rare 16 Bright Orange $8.95
16 GG Dark Pink Dark Pink GG Rare 16 Dk Pink $8.95
16 GG Imperial Purple Imperial Purple GG Rare 16 Imp Purple $8.95
16 GG Pansy Purple Pansy Purple GG Rare 16 Pansy $8.95
16 GG Byzantium Byzantium GG Rare 16 Byzantium $8.95
16 GG Purple Purple GG Yd 16 Purple $8.95
16 GG Purple Purple Rolls GG RN16 Purple $56.00
16 GG Lilac Lilac GG Rare 16 Lilac $8.95
16 GG Wisteria Wisteria GG Rare 16 Wisteria $8.95
16 GG Deep Lilac Deep Lilac GG Rare 16 Deep Lilac $8.95
16 GG Royal Purple Royal Purple GG Rare 16 Royal Purple $8.95
16 GG Green Green GG Rare 16 Green $8.95
16 GG Dark Loden Dark Loden GG Rare 16 Dark Loden $8.95
16 GG Light Blue Light Blue GG Rare 16 Lt Blue $8.95
16 GG Glaucous Blue Glaucous Blue GG Rare 16 Glaucous $8.95
16 GG Deep Cornflower Deep Cornflower GG Rare 16 Cornflower $8.95
Out of Stock
16 GG Rust Rust GG Rare 16 Rust $8.95
16 GG Aqua Aqua GG Yd 16 Aqua $8.95
16 GG Turquoise Turquoise GG Rare R 16 Turquoise $8.95
16 GG Turquoise Turquoise Rolls GG Yd 16 $56.00
16 GG Black Black GG Yd 16 Black $8.95
16 GG Black Black Rolls GG R 16 Black $56.00
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I am sorry to say that the only Manufacture of 50/50 Cotton/Rayon blend millinery grosgrain has closed it’s doors.

Definition: Millinery Grosgrain – A corded ribbon of cotton/rayon with edges that allow it to be swirled in a circle with a steam iron. Used for sweatbands, headbands, edging hats and making trims such as cockades. Also called belting used in garments. Ask for our Millinery Grosgrain book for more detailed instructions.

Sometimes used as the American term for British “Petersham Ribbon”, but this use is not technically accurate. Petersham Ribbon is manufactured in the UK and made from 100% Viscose.

Another Millinery Grosgrain is made in the USA is made from Acetate and is not good for Millinery. It wrinkles when one tries to swirl it to fit it into or on a hat. It is more correctly called belting and is used for garment belts.


Grosgrain is not guaranteed to be colorfast.

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White, White Rolls, Ivory, Perisol, Camel, Camel Rolls, Light Taupe, Blush, Burly Wood, Butterscotch, English Tan, English Tan Rolls, Brown, Brown Rolls, Cornsilk, Straw Body Beige, Straw Body Beige Rolls, Hemp, Hemp Rolls, Fashion Fuchsia, Royal Fuchsia, Raspberry, Amaranth, Red 2, Red, Bright Orange, Dark Pink, Imperial Purple, Pansy Purple, Byzantium, Purple, Purple Rolls, Lilac, Wisteria, Deep Lilac, Royal Purple, Green, Dark Loden, Light Blue, Glaucous Blue, Deep Cornflower, Rust, Aqua, Turquoise, Turquoise Rolls, Black, Black Rolls

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