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Rare Antique French Silk-Rayon Butterfly Pattern Veiling

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$28.00 $23.80 (USD)

Rare Antique French Silk-Rayon 12″ Butterfly Pattern Veiling.
Very Very Rare & Very High Quality!
Styles will vary.

Colors: $28.00 yd. – 2 yd. minimum.
Introductory Promotion! 1 Yard Minimum!

1 yards = 0.9144 meters; 1 inch = 2.54 cm

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SKU: Rare French 12 Butterfly

Color Selections

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ColorSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Rare French Butterfly Aqua 12" Butterfly Aqua VEIL 12 BFly Aqua $28.00 (USD)
Rare French Butterfly Green 12" Butterfly Green VEIL 12 BFly Green $28.00 (USD)
Rare French Butterfly Brown 12" Butterfly Brown VEIL 12 BFly Brown $28.00 (USD)
Out of Stock
Rare French Butterfly Navy 12" Butterfly Navy VEIL 12 BFly Navy $28.00 (USD)
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