Raffia Straw Cloth

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$26.00 (USD)

Raffia is a fiber that comes from the leaves of the palm tree. The Strands of Raffia are hand woven into Raffia Straw Cloth.  It is used to make Patterned hats, lampshades, wallpaper, and an endless list can be imagined.

Width 38-39″ wide.
DPI 17 x 17 strands per inch.
$26.00 per yard

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SKU: S Raffia Yd

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Rafia Straw Cloth Black Swatch Black S Raffia Yd Blk $26.00 (USD)
Rafia Straw Cloth French Blue Swatch French Blue S Raffia Yd Fr Blue $26.00 (USD)
Rafia Straw Cloth Green Grey Swatch Green Grey S Raffia Yd Grn Gry $26.00 (USD)
Rafia Straw Cloth Gunmetal Swatch Gun Metal S Raffia Yd Gun Metal $26.00 (USD)
Rafia Straw Cloth Latte Swatch Latte S Raffia Yd Latte $26.00 (USD)
Rafia Straw Cloth Natural Swatch Natural S Raffia Yd Nat $26.00 (USD)
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