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Quality Wool Berets

In stock and ready for quick shipment

$23.51 (CAD)

Quality Wool Berets. 11 1/2″ Czech Berets.
Hats by Leko has carried Czech Berets for over 18 years. Only The Best.
Limited quantities in stock, don’t wait. Don’t be fooled by imposters.
Compare prices! Our berets are thicker and made with such Old-World quality that they appear seamless.
The inner edge is evenly formed and looks like an almost perfect circle.
These berets are for those with discriminating taste!

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Colors Selections

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
CzechWWhite Winter White Berets Winter White $23.51 (CAD)
Out of Stock
CzechGrey Grey Berets Grey $23.51 (CAD)
Out of Stock
CzechBlack Black Berets Black $23.51 (CAD)
Out of Stock
CzechMarigold Marigold Berets Marigold $23.51 (CAD)
CzechOrange Orange Berets Orange $23.51 (CAD)
CzechBabyPink Baby Pink Berets Baby Pink $23.51 (CAD)
CzechHotPink Hot Pink Berets Hot Pink $23.51 (CAD)
CzechLtRed Light Red Berets Lt Red $23.51 (CAD)
CzechDkRed Dark Red Berets Dk Red $23.51 (CAD)
Out of Stock
CzechBurgundy Burgundy Berets Burgundy $23.51 (CAD)
CzechPurple Purple Berets Purple $23.51 (CAD)
CzechEggplant Eggplant Berets Eggplant $23.51 (CAD)
Out of Stock
CzechLtBlue Light Blue Berets Lt Blue $23.51 (CAD)
Out of Stock
CzechRoyal Royal Blue Berets Royal $23.51 (CAD)
CzechNavy Navy Berets Navy $23.51 (CAD)
CzechCamel Camel Berets Camel $23.51 (CAD)
Out of Stock
CzechTaupe Taupe Berets Taupe $23.51 (CAD)
CzechCinnamon Cinnamon Berets Cinnamon $23.51 (CAD)
CzechBrown Brown Berets Brown $23.51 (CAD)
CzechKelly Kelly Green Berets Kelly Green $23.51 (CAD)
CzechOlive Olive Berets Olive $23.51 (CAD)
Out of Stock
CzechForest Forest Green Berets Forest $23.51 (CAD)
Out of Stock
CzechHGrey Heather Grey Berets H Grey $23.51 (CAD)
CzechHCamel Heather Camel Berets H Camel $23.51 (CAD)
CzechHBrown Heather Brown Berets H Brown $23.51 (CAD)
CzechHBurgundy Heather Burgundy Berets H Burgundy $23.51 (CAD)
CzechHBlue Heather Blue Berets H Blue $23.51 (CAD)
Out of Stock
CzechHBlack Heather Black Berets H Black $23.51 (CAD)
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