Pinokpok Abaca Straw Cloth

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Pinokpok Abaca is related to Sinamay.  It’s weave is tighter and it is easy to work with both in coverage, you won’t need to use double sheets, unless you choose to, and also in ply-ability.  The word Pinokpok is a Filipino word that means beaten, to be hit with an instrument.  This process of hammering the straw cloth flattens the strands and produces what appears as an illumination from within, a beautiful radiance.  Made in the Philippines.

36″ width.
30 x 24 DPI is the thread count per inch.

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Pinokpok Natural Swatch Natural S Pinokpok Nat $19.98 (USD)
Pinokpok Black Swatch 2 Black S Pinokpok Blk $19.98 (USD)
Pinokpok Red Swatch Red S Pinokpok Red $19.98 (USD)
Pinokpok Bronze Swatch Bronze S Pinokpok Bronze $19.98 (USD)
Pinokpok Silver Swatch Silver S Pinokpok Silver Silver on the sage side. $19.98 (USD)
Pinokpok Royal Blue Swatch Royal S Pinokpok Royal $19.98 (USD)
Pinokpok Blush Pink Swatch Blush S Pinokpok Blush $19.98 (USD)
Pinokpok Lipstick Pink Swatch Lipstick S Pinokpok Lipstick $19.98 (USD)
Pinokpok Dark Aubergine Swatch Aubergine S Pinokpok Aubergine $19.98 (USD)
Pinokpok Brown Swatch Brown S Pinokpok Brown $19.98 (USD)
Pinokpok Brilliant Red Swatch Brilliant Red S Pinokpok Brill Red $19.98 (USD)
Pinokpok Light Lemon Swatch Lemon S Pinokpok Lemon $19.98 (USD)
Pinokpok Lilac Swatch Lilac S Pinokpok Lilac $19.98 (USD)
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