(A) #3 (5/8″) Millinery Grosgrain Ribbon

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#3 Millinery Grosgrain Ribbon.
Millinery Grosgrain is manufactured in the USA and made from 50% Cotton/50 % Rayon.
The ‘s’ in grosgrain is not pronounced.
Size: #3 (5/8″).
5 yd. min. purchase. or by the roll.

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Colors Selections

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
3 GG White White Yardage GG Yd N3 White $1.99
3 GG Ivory Ivory Yardage GG Yd N3 Ivory $1.99
3 GG Perisol Perisol Yardage GG Yd N3 Perisol $1.99
3 GG Cloud Cloud Yardage GG Yd N3 Cloud $1.99
Out of Stock
3 GG Brown Brown Yardage GG Yd N3 Brown $1.99
3 GG Brown Brown Rolls GG RN3 Brown $26.00
Out of Stock
3 GG Brandy Brandy Yardage GG Yd N3 Brandy $1.99
3 GG Brandy Brandy Rolls GG RN3 Brandy $26.00
Out of Stock
3 GG Orange Orange Yardage GG Yd N3 Orange $1.99
3 GG Orange Orange Rolls GG RN3 Orange $26.00
3 GG Sugar Sugar Yardage GG Yd N3 Sugar $1.99
3 GG Sugar Sugar Rolls GG RN3 Sugar $26.00
3 GG Fiesta Fiesta Yardage GG Yd N3 Fiesta $1.99
3 GG Fiesta Fiesta Rolls GG RN3 Fiesta $26.00
3 GG English Tan English Tan GG Yd N3 English Tan $1.99
3 GG Avocado Avocado Yardage GG Yd N3 Avocado $1.99
3 GG Avocado Avocado Rolls GG RN3 Avocado $26.00
3 GG Black Black Yardage GG Yd N3 Black $1.99
3 GG Black Black Rolls GG RN3 Black $26.00
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