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Western Wool Hat Body 6x5x6

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$29.00 (USD)

Western (Cowboy) Wool Hat Body 6x5x6″.
The #6 Flare (6 2/16 ounces) we make for you has a Carded weight of 173 grams (w/ natural moisture of 11-15%) more accurately closer to 165 grams bone dry.
Size: 6″ across the top of the crown is normal, usually down the side of the crown is 4″ but in this case it is 5″ before blocking, 6″ is the brim size.
Hat Bodies are unfinished, unblocked and not yet shaped.


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Western Wool Hat 6x5x6 Brown Brown WOOL CB 6 Brown $29.00 (USD)
Western Wool Hat 6x5x6 Black Black WOOL CB 6 Black $29.00 (USD)
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