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Leopard Shaded Animal Print Capelines

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Leopard Shaded Animal Print Capelines.
Double Sided.
These capelines are unfinished hat bodies that are unblocked and not shaped yet.  All Long Hair (Animal & Solid Color) are made of 80% Hare and 20% Rabbit.  Hare is very high end and often mistaken for Beaver.  In this case it is a more affordable option than Beaver.

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Colors Selections

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Animal Red Shaded Swatch Red V BA C Red Leopard $105.00
Black Brown Hood Black Brown V BA C Black Brown $105.00
Animal Light Grey Shaded Swatch Light Grey V BA C Lt Grey Leopard $105.00
Out of Stock
Animal Lavender Shaded Swatch Lavender V BA C Lavender Leopard $105.00
Animal Green Shaded Swatch Green V BA C Green Leopard $105.00
Out of Stock
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