Leko Vintage Feathers

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$12.50 (USD)

Made from natural feathers so sizes vary between 8″ to 12″ long, approximately 6″ wide.

Hand made and dyed.

LEKO LACE FEATHERS are vintage (WE GOT THEM APPROX 20 YEARS AGO) and very intricately made by feather trim makers with many years of experience.  They were on my old site but somehow got dropped….so happy to have discovered the issue and we are bringing them back again.

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Auto-draft - Black/brown Black/Brown FR Lace BlkBrown $23.00 $12.50 (USD)
Auto-draft - Black/brown Black/White FR Lace BlkWhite $23.00 $12.50 (USD)
Auto-draft - Black/brown Blue/White FR Lace Blue $23.00 $12.50 (USD)
Auto-draft - Black/brown Red/Violet FR Lace Red Violet $23.00 $12.50 (USD)
Auto-draft - Black/brown White/White FR Lace White $23.00 $12.50 (USD)