LEKO All Purpose Stiffener

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LEKO All Purpose Stiffener (LEKO Felt Hat Stiffener). “PLEASE TEST ON FELT BEFORE USING, ESPECIALLY ON LIGHT COLORS.” Shipped only in USA or Canada via FedEx Ground. NOTE: LEKO All Purpose Stiffener can only be shipped FedEx Ground, therefore all your other items will also be shipped FedEx Ground regardless of the shipping method you chose. If you need other items sooner, please submit 2 orders. All go ORM-D to Canada with no extra flammable charges.

Our Hat Stiffener that comes in the gallon jugs, is 190 proof alcohol!  This means that if you spray it on your straw or felt hats it will sanitize them giving you and your customers extra protection!!!

Tip: Shipping costs for 2 Gallons is similar to shipping costs for 4 gallons. 1 package for the case vs. 2 packages for the single gallons.
Tip: If you need a case of 4 gallons, just order 4 gallons and I will pack them into a case for you.

Size: 1 Gallon

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