Leko Millinery Bridal Adhesive

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Leko Millinery Bridal Adhesive.
Beacon Magna Tac, Fabri Tac and Leko Bridal Adhesive are the same product.
Fast grab, Fast Dry and Washable. Dries crystal-clear.
Use a thin bead and gently pat together.
Comes in 4 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.

Glue can only be shipped FedEx Ground.
We can ship glue to the USA and Canada via Limited Quantity Ground.

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SKU: Misc Br Adhes

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Leko Millinery Bridal Adhesive – 8 Oz. 4 oz. Misc Br Adhes 4 $14.99 USD
Out of Stock
Leko Millinery Bridal Adhesive – 8 Oz. 8 oz. Misc Br Adhes 8 $20.99 USD

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Weight1 lbs

8 oz., 4 oz.

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