Hydrolac B-5 Powder

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Hydrolac B-5 Powder. This product is a high tech break through!!! Made to be shipped overseas!!! This stiffener is very similar to our Felt Stiffener but is in powdered form and can be shipped overseas. So all you people who have been calling me from different countries asking for the felt stiffener…we haven’t forgotten you. Avoid high temperatures in storage. Hats By Leko: Guaranteed lowest prices at these quantities! We reserve the right to combine your order into 1 Larger Bag for shipping purposes. Please note: Hydrolac B5 was made to be used with water only by the manufacturer. Using it with Alcohol is your personal choice, many like to add alcohol because it helps it dry faster, but is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Sizes: 45 Grams – 1.58732 oz. 1-2 uses.; 1 Pound – 19-15 uses.; 5 Pounds – 50-75 uses.; 10 Pounds – 100+ uses.

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