How to Hand Sew a Leather Sweatband into a Hat™️©️®️

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How to Hand Sew a Leather Sweatband into a Hat™️©️®️.
This is the Leather Sweatband Tutorial (for hand sewing) that you have been asking for!

Instructions and images on how to measure it to fit the hat size, how to cut it to size, how to put your ferrule in to attach the reed.  Sew the back of the sweatband together.  Sew the Leather Sweatband by hand to your hat.  (no returns or exchanges) This is the only tutorial that we know of available for hand sewing a leather sweatband in.  (The tutorial assumes that one would know to come back through the sweaband the opposite way when it shows you how to push the needle through one side.)  If you have a problem with this please do not purchase it, it is non refundable but well worth $29.00.

Your confirmation page has a link to download the PDF.  You will also get an email that has the link to download the PDF.

Coming Next: Tutorial on How to put in your hat lining!

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