Patterned Horse Hair (Crin) 4″

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4″ Patterned Horse Hair Braid, Polypropylene, 36 yards in a package.

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SKU: HH Patterned 4

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Patterned Horse Hair Black Gold2 Black/Gold HH Patterned 4 BG $41.40
Patterned Horse Hair Black Silver3 Black/Silver HH Patterned 4 BS $41.40
Out of Stock
Patterned Horse Hair Brown Gold2 Brown/Gold HH Patterned 4 BRG $41.40
Patterned Horse Hair Navy Gold3 Navy/Gold HH Patterned 4 NG $41.40
Patterned Horse Hair Navy Silver3 Navy/Silver HH Patterned 4 NS $41.40
no image Pink/Silver HH Patterned 4 PKS $41.40
Patterned Horse Hair Purple Gold3 Purple/Gold HH Patterned 4 PG $41.40
Patterned Horse Hair Red Gold2 Red/Gold HH Patterned 4 RG $41.40
no image Royal/Gold HH Patterned 4 RLG $41.40
Patterned Horse Hair Royal Silver3 Royal/Silver HH Patterned 4 RS $41.40
Patterned Horse Hair White Gold2 White/Gold HH Patterned 4 WG $41.40
Out of Stock
Patterned Horse Hair White Silver3 White/Silver HH Patterned 4 WS $41.40
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Weight0.7 lbs

Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Brown/Gold, Navy/Gold, Navy/Silver, Pink/Silver, Purple/Gold, Red/Gold, Royal/Gold, Royal/Silver, White/Gold, White/Silver

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