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High Quality Panamas 4″ to 5″ Brims

In stock and ready for quick shipment

$38.00 (USD)

High QUALITY Panamas – 4″ to 5″ Brims.

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Colors Selections

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Panama Banana Yellow Banana Yellow 70 S Pana 5 Banana 70 $38.00 (USD)
Panama Dark Red Cherry Dark Red (Cherry) 102 S Pana 5 Dark Red 102 $38.00 (USD)
no image Lavender 59 S Pana 5 Lavender 59 $38.00 (USD)
S Pana 5 Dk Mauve Dark Mauve S Pana 5 Dk Mauve $38.00 (USD)
Out of Stock
Panama Double Chocolate Double Chocolate 99 S Pana 5 Dbl Choc 99 $38.00 (USD)
Panama Caramel Toast Caramel 100 S Pana 5 Caramel 100 $38.00 (USD)
Panama Chocolate Brown Espresso Chocolate Brown (Espresso) 122 S Pana 5 Chocolate Brown 122 $38.00 (USD)
Panama Natural Full Bleach Swatch Natural (Bleached) S Pana 5 Nat Bleach $38.00 (USD)
Panama Natural Semi Bleach Natural (Semi-Bleached) S Pana 5 Natural $38.00 (USD)
Panama Navy Navy 82 S Pana 5 Navy 82 $38.00 (USD)
Panama Orange Orange 26 S Pana 5 Orange 26 $38.00 (USD)
no image Burnt Orange 112 S Pana 5 B Orange 112 $38.00 (USD)
Panama Red Red 66 S Pana 5 Red 66 $38.00 (USD)
Panama Loden Loden 50 S Pana 5 Loden 50 $38.00 (USD)
S Pana 5 Lt GreyW30 Swatch Light Grey S Pana 5 Lt GreyW30 $38.00 (USD)
Out of Stock
S Pana 5 MedGreyT25 Swatch Medium Grey S Pana 5 MedGreyT25 Note: Edge has a touch of ombre mauve. $38.00 (USD)
Out of Stock
S Pana 5 Vienna Gold G30 Swatch Vienna Gold S Pana 5 Vienna Gold G30 $38.00 (USD)
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The manufacturer does not guarantee that the dye lots will be the same. Do not purchase the 4-5″ or the 7-8″ panamas if you have to have the same dye lot. We have no control over the manufacturing plant in Ecuador. Also, this year’s crop of straw was wiped out in Ecuador so our stock will not be increased this year. Supplies are limited.

Colors will vary depending on your monitor and there will also be some variations due to dye lots. Red is a difficult color to photograph. We have provided color swatches when needed.

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