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Fine Twisted Toyo

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FINE Twisted Toyo (Paper is English for Toyo (Chinese)).
This weave is much tighter and finely woven delivering a High Quality Hat Body for your more discerning customers.
And the COLORS!!! Need I say more?


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SKU: S TwToyoFine

Colors Selections

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Fine Twisted Toyo White Swatch White S TwToyoFine White $13.00
Fine Twisted Toyo Off White Swatch Off White S TwToyoFine Off Wht $13.00
Fine Twisted Toyo Ivory Swatch Ivory S TwToyoFine Ivory $13.00
Fine Twisted Toyo Sage Swatch Sage Green S TwToyoFine Sage $13.00
Fine Twisted Toyo Tobacco Swatch Tobacco S TwToyoFine Tobacco $13.00
Fine Twisted Toyo Rust Swatch Rust S TwToyoFine Rust $13.00
Fine Twisted Toyo Brown Swatch Brown S TwToyoFine Brown $13.00
Fine Twisted Toyo Navy Swatch Navy S TwToyoFine Navy $13.00
Fine Twisted Toyo Blue Grey Swatch Blue Grey S TwToyoFine BGrey $13.00
Fine Twisted Toyo Black Swatch Black S TwToyoFine Black $13.00
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Helpful Hint: To Remove Stains on Straw Hats… Do you know what the stain is? If it is organic, try peroxide! Do not use bleach as bleach will probably yellow the straw. You always have the option of putting a trim over it if it doesn’t work. The trick is to apply the peroxide then blot it from both sides until it is almost dry. After it dries completely, if you still have a stain, repeat. Make sure that you let it dry completely, as it will appear darker when wet. If the stain is chemical, you would need to use dry cleaning solvent.


Unfinished Hat Bodies are not guaranteed to be colorfast.

Unblocked Hat Bodies are not hats, they are not shaped yet and may have frayed edges due to the dying process. One would have to take a hat making class to finish them. If you want a finished hat please look on the buttons called finished undecorated hats, Thank You.

Hats by Leko does not guarantee edges that are not frayed. It is your responsibility as hat makers to edge hoods and capelines.

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Weight0.375 lbs

White, Off White, Ivory, Sage Green, Tobacco, Rust, Brown, Navy, Blue Grey, Black

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