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Wool Felt 5-6″ Capelines

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$14.40$54.00 (USD)

Wool Felt Unfinished Hat Bodies – 5-6″ Capelines.
The weight of our #6 Flares is approximately 140 grams or 5 ounces.
The weight is not necessarily related to the thickness but generally the heavier the body the thicker the hat.
Our wool hat bodies are made with Merino Wool.
Unblocked Hat Bodies are not hats, they are not shaped yet.

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Colors Selections

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Leopard Wool Capeline Swatch Leopard Wool 6 Leopard Hand Painted Leopard Ombre $54.00 (USD)
Off White Wool Hood Swatch Off White 2nds WOOL 6 L2 Off Wht $28.80 (USD)
Out of Stock
Chartreuse Wool Capeline Swatch Chartreuse WOOL 6 Chartreuse $28.80 (USD)
Bright Lime Wool Swatch Bright Lime WOOL 6 Bright Lime $28.80 (USD)
Dark Turquoise Wool Swatch Dark Turquoise WOOL 6 Dk Turq $28.80 (USD)
Medium Orange Wool Swatch Medium Orange WOOL 6 Med Orange $28.80 (USD)
Yellow Wool Hood Swatch Yellow 2nds WOOL 6 2 Yellow $28.80 (USD)
Out of Stock
White White Wool Hood Swatch White White WOOL 6 L Wht Wht $32.00 (USD)
Off White Wool Hood Swatch Off White WOOL 6 L Off Wht $28.80 (USD)
Cream Wool Cream WOOL 6 Cream $28.80 (USD)
Light Grey Wool Hood Swatch Light Grey WOOL 6 L Lt Grey $28.80 (USD)
Heather Charcoal Wool Capeline Swatch Heather Charcoal WOOL 6 H Charcoal $28.80 (USD)
Out of Stock
Heather Grey Wool Capeline Swatch Heather Grey WOOL 6 H Grey $28.80 (USD)
Avocado Wool Hood Swatch Avocado WOOL 6 Avocado $28.80 (USD)
Black Wool Hood Swatch Black WOOL 6 Black $28.80 (USD)
Burgundy Wool Capeline Swatch Burgundy WOOL 6 Burgundy $28.80 (USD)
Camel Wool Hood Swatch Camel WOOL 6 L Camel $28.80 (USD)
Cherry Wool Hood Swatch Cherry WOOL 6 Cherry $28.80 (USD)
Dark Chocolate Wool Hood Swatch Dark Chocolate WOOL 6 Dk Choc $28.80 (USD)
Dark Green Wool Hood Swatch Dark Green WOOL 6 Dk Green $28.80 (USD)
Fuchsia Wool Hood Swatch Fuchsia WOOL 6 Fuchsia Discontinued $28.80 (USD)
Out of Stock
Gold Wool Capeline Swatch Gold WOOL 6 Gold $28.80 (USD)
Out of Stock
Grape Wool Hood Swatch Grape WOOL 6 Grape $28.80 (USD)
Light Chocolate Wool Capeline Swatch Light Chocolate WOOL 6 Lt Choc $28.80 (USD)
Lime Wool Swatch Lime WOOL 6 Lime $28.80 (USD)
Lipstick Pink Wool Capeline Swatch Lipstick Pink WOOL 6 Lipstick $28.80 (USD)
Loden Wool Hood Swatch Loden WOOL 6 Loden $28.80 (USD)
Medium Gray Wool Hood Swatch Medium Gray WOOL 6 Med Grey $28.80 (USD)
Merlot Wool Hood Swatch Merlot WOOL 6 Merlot $28.80 (USD)
Navy Wool Hood Swatch Navy WOOL 6 Navy $28.80 (USD)
Orange Wool Hood Swatch Orange WOOL 6 Orange $28.80 (USD)
Plum Wool Capeline Swatch Plum WOOL 6 Plum $28.80 (USD)
Purple Wool Hood Swatch Purple WOOL 6 Purple $28.80 (USD)
Red Wool Hood Swatch Red WOOL 6 Red $28.80 (USD)
Royal Blue Wool Hood Swatch Royal Blue WOOL 6 Royal $28.80 (USD)
Rust Wool Hood Swatch Rust WOOL 6 Rust $28.80 (USD)
Teal Wool Hood Swatch Teal WOOL 6 Teal $28.80 (USD)
Tobacco Wool Hood Swatch Tobacco WOOL 6 Tobacco $28.80 (USD)
Turquoise Wool Hood Swatch Turquoise WOOL 6 Turquoise $28.80 (USD)
Wine Wool Capeline Swatch Wine WOOL 6 Wine $28.80 (USD)
Yellow Wool Swatch 2 Yellow WOOL 6 Yellow $28.80 (USD)
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