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Cashmere Hoods

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100% Cashmere Hoods. Leko says, “To Die For Gorgeous!”
Cashmere fibers are obtained by shearing with special combs – the cashmere goat is not killed.
Hood is 130 grams.
These oversized hoods are unfinished hat bodies.
Unfinished hat bodies are not hats, they are unblocked and are not shaped yet.

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Colors Selections

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
cashmereWhite White FUR CM H White Discontinued $78.00
Out of Stock
cashmereRubyRed Ruby Red FUR CM H Ruby Discontinued $72.00
Out of Stock
cashmereDarkestCharcoal Charcoal FUR CM H Charcoal Discontinued $72.00
Out of Stock
cashmereCamel Camel FUR CM H Camel Discontinued $72.00
Out of Stock
cashmereBrown Brown FUR CM H Brown Discontinued $72.00
Out of Stock
cashmereBlack Black FUR CM H Black $72.00
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Note:  Cashmere Hat Bodies are not guaranteed to be colorfast.

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