Wool Roving – Australian Merino 64s Top

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Wool Roving – Australian Merino 64s Top.
The most popular wool.
We buy the longest 21.5 micron Australian wool top available and make it easy for customers to use in fine spinning or felting projects.
Specifications: processed top, white.
Staple length 2.5-4 inches (60mm ave).
Fiber count 64s (21.5 micron).

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Felting is a process, like satin is a weave. As satin can be woven from silk, cotton, wool, polyester or acetate, so… felt can be made from sheep €™s wool, beaver fur, or rabbit fur, which is the fur most commonly used to make high-quality felt for model millinery. Wool felt is less responsive to heat and hand blocking, as the fibre is less malleable. Angora rabbits are bred specially for their fur, and are shorn when their fur gets to a usable length. They do look rather sad after shearing, but the fur does grow back! Leko

Hat made using Wool Roving by Felt So Right

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