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Buckram alternative! Fosshape is a unique non-woven, heat activated thermoplastic fabric. This soft, pliable fabric can be formed and shaped into fantastic permanent objects when exposed to steam, heat or dry heat. It remains fully permeable and breathable following heat activation, making it safe and easy to use. It’s the “Buckram” alternative without the mess.
Fosshape Yardage: 45″ Wide; .180″ Thick; 600 grams per square meter.
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Often called the “buckram replacement”, this unique felt-like fabric (45″ wide or 114.3 cm) is heat activated to achieve rigidity, stiffness and surface enhancement without the use of water, messy or hazardous additives. Synthetic FOSSHAPE ® can easily be cut with scissors, will not fray like conventional woven fabrics and can be readily sewn to itself or other fabrics as a hidden stiffener or shaped into stand alone structures. Mildew resistant and dye-able as well. Fabric steamers are the often preferred method for forming a desired amount of rigidity and stiffness, but conventional steam irons or an industrial hot air gun may oftentimes be helpful. The level of stiffness is achieved by adjusting heat, time and pressure. Applications include: costuming, lightweight crafted reinforcement, theater props and set design, craft-work, puppetry, millinery headpieces, masks, sculptures, museum mount making and more. Versatile FOSSHAPE 300 is lighter in weight and thinner than FOSSHAPE 600 for lighter weight needs and more intricate design efforts. With heat and pressure from a steam iron, two layers of the 300 grade can be combined or bonded to approximate one layer of FOSSHAPE 600.

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