Fosshape™ 300

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Buckram alternative! Fosshape is a unique non-woven, heat activated thermoplastic fabric. This soft, pliable fabric can be formed and shaped into fantastic permanent objects when exposed to steam, heat or dry heat. It remains fully permeable and breathable following heat activation, making it safe and easy to use. It’s the “Buckram” alternative without the mess.
Fosshape Yardage: 45″ Wide; .150″ Thick; 300 grams per square meter.

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Fosshape Fabric 25 Yard Roll Buck Foss 300 25y $425.50
Fosshape Fabric 10 Yard Roll Buck Foss 300 10y $177.40
Fosshape Fabric 5 Yard Roll Buck Foss 300 5y $88.70
Fosshape Fabric By the Yard Buck Foss 300 $19.99
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