Flat Fur Felt or Fur Felt Skirting

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Flat Fur Felt or Fur Felt Skirting by the piece. Back after 60 years. Made from the finest fur felt down made in the world. Thin and soft, this flat felt is every bit as good as the Fur Felt Skirting made in the 1940’s. This material will change how we can make hats. Now we can make felt hats and bags and flowers from patterns and we can also drape this fine felt into hats like milliners used to do. The manufacturing plant is out of business so this felt skirting will no longer be made.
SIZE per piece: approx: 30″ x 11.5″.

You can mix colors for the dozen price.$38.50 ea. per dz.

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Flat Fur Felt Sage Swatch Sage Green FUR Skirt Sage $51.99
Flat Fur Felt Red Swatch Red FUR Skirt Red $51.99
Flat Fur Felt Hunter Swatch Hunter Green FUR Skirt Hunter $51.99
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