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LEKO Gelatin Sizing. Most new milliners are being trained to use this sizing because it is non-toxic. Non-hazardous, water soluble for straw and felt. Leko’s pick for stiffening parisisals.
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Sizes: 1 Pound; 5 Pounds; 10 Pounds; 50 Pounds ($13.00 per lb).

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no image 1 lb. SIZE Gelatin 1lb $19.95
no image 5 lbs. SIZE Gelatin 5lb $89.75
no image 10 lbs. SIZE Gelatin 10lb $159.50
no image 50 lbs. SIZE Gelatin 50lb $725.00
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Gelatine Hat Sizing Microwave Instructions
1. Dissolve 1/2 cup Gelatin with 6 cups hot water.
2. Soak and stir body for 1 minute.
3. Let body dry.
4. While blocking hat, spray lightly.
5. Steam well.
6. Dry thoroughly.
1. Put dissolved gel into spray bottle & spray onto hat.
2. Mix up quantity as needed only.
3. Refrigerate or freeze as needed.

Gelatine Hat Sizing Microwave Instructions
This recipe is for 20 plus hats if applied light or 10 plus hats if applied heavy. Amounts may vary greatly.
2 tablespoons gelatine.
Add 3/4 cup boiling water, stir.
Microwave until disolved, mix.
Add 3/4 cup cold water, stir Pour into a spray bottle.(available at most grocery stores).
Spray onto straw, inside and out before blocking.
For heavy application spray again after blocked.

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1 lb., 5 lbs., 10 lbs., 50 lbs.