Hydrolac B-5 Powder

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Hydrolac B-5 Powder. This product is a high tech break through!!! Made to be shipped overseas!!! This stiffener is very similar to our Felt Stiffener but is in powdered form and can be shipped overseas. So all you people who have been calling me from different countries asking for the felt stiffener…we haven’t forgotten you. Avoid high temperatures in storage. Hats By Leko: Guaranteed lowest prices at these quantities! We reserve the right to combine your order into 1 Larger Bag for shipping purposes. Please note: Hydrolac B5 was made to be used with water only by the manufacturer. Using it with Alcohol is your personal choice, many like to add alcohol because it helps it dry faster, but is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Sizes: 45 Grams – 1.58732 oz. 1-2 uses.; 1 Pound – 19-15 uses.; 5 Pounds – 50-75 uses.; 10 Pounds – 100+ uses.

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no image 45 Grams SIZE Hydro Oz $5.10
no image 1 Pound SIZE Hydro 1 $54.00
no image 5 Pounds SIZE Hydro 5 $228.00
no image 10 Pounds SIZE Hydro 10 $420.00
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Hydrolac B-5 Powder is a Resin Base (Shellac) as is our Felt Stiffener but this can be mixed with water..yes I said water. But I must tell you I have a customer who mixed it with rubbing alcohol so that it will evaporated quickly. She says it works. (This is still here say and it is not backed by the Manufacturer if you use it this way.) It was made to be used with water. Either way it is the same base as our Felt (all purpose) Stiffener which has been reconstituted so that we can ship it overseas. If you are in the USA or Canada order the Felt (all purpose) Stiffener. Outside of North America, this is for you.

Helpful Hint: It is always good to use clear glue. To Remove Excess Glue… Cover the spot with tissue paper and press with a hot dry iron. The effect is that the heat melts the glue and for some unknown reason- the tissue paper absorbs it and does not cling to the fabric or iron. Try the method on a test piece of fabric, felt or straw to see if it will work for you. Works only with tissue wrapping paper (suggest white).

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45 Grams, 1 Pound, 5 Pounds, 10 Pounds

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