Cavalier Rose

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Cavalier Rose.
Polyester/Silk 6″ Rose.

$8.50 ea. per dz.
You can mix colors for the dz. discount.

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SKU: FL29821

Colors Selections

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Cavalier Rose Black FL29821 Black $10.50 USD
Cavalier Rose Burnt Claret FL29821 Claret $10.50 USD
Cavalier Rose Burnt Merlot FL29821 Merlot $10.50 USD
Cavalier Rose Cerise FL29821 Cerise $10.50 USD
Cavalier Rose Chablis FL29821 Chablis $10.50 USD
Cavalier Rose – White White FL29821 White $10.50 USD

Additional information

Weight0.03 lbs

White, Chablis, Cerise, Burnt Merlot, Burnt Claret, Black


Our Straw Hats and Flowers are not colorfast and should NOT be worn in the rain.

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