Calf Leather Sweatbands

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Calf Leather Sweatbands.
1 -5/8″ Reeded Calf Leather Sweatband, 25 inches long.
These are high quality CALF LEATHER.

These calf leather sweatbands are vegetable tanned according
to our supplier (tanner). They do not contain any chromium.

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Calf Leather Sweatbands Black SW MN C Black $11.99 $10.80 USD
Calf Leather Sweatbands – Tan Burgundy SW MN C Burgundy $11.99 $10.80 USD
Calf Leather Sweatbands – Tan Chestnut SW MN C Chestnut $11.99 $10.80 USD
Calf Leather Sweatbands Chocolate SW MN C Choc $11.99 $10.80 USD
Calf Leather Sweatbands – Med Brown Med Brown SW MN C Med Brown $11.99 $10.80 USD
Calf Leather Sweatbands – Tan Tan SW MN C Tan $11.99 $10.80 USD

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Weight0.08 lbs

Tan, Chestnut, Burgundy, Med Brown, Chocolate, Black


Leather sweatbands are meant to protect your hat from sweat.¬†We do not warranty your used sweatband if it gets sweat stains on it, it has done its’ job and protected your hat from the sweat.

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