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$8.00$23.50 (USD)

Biots. Ostrich floss feathers, mixed with Peacock herl and Goose biots.
Colors: Black, Brown, Candy Pink, Red.
1/4 lb. – $23.50 or $8.00 for 24.

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Colors/AmountSKUNotes PriceQuantity
no image Black-24 FR Biots 24 Blk $8.00 (USD)
no image Black-1/4 lb. FR Biots Qt Lb Blk $23.50 (USD)
no image Brown-24 FR Biots 24 Brn $8.00 (USD)
no image Brown-1/4 lb. FR Biots Qt Lb Brn $23.50 (USD)
no image Candy Pink-24 FR Biots 24 Pink $8.00 (USD)
no image Candy Pink-1/4 lb. FR Biots Qt Lb Pink $23.50 (USD)
no image Red-24 FR Biots 24 Red $8.00 (USD)
no image Red-1/4 lb. FR Biots Qt Lb Red $23.50 (USD)
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