The Balsa Utility Crown

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The balsa utility crown is approximately 8 1/2″ tall and, as named, carved from Balsa wood.
Typically, this block is used to create draped forms because it imitates the human head shape.
This light weight and soft wood accepts pins easily and is almost self-healing.
The jack hole in the bottom allows the block to be mounted on a spinner so that it can be easily rotated and worked on from all sides.
Includes lifter (Head-size Plate).

These blocks are not made anymore….our supplier was forced to retire because of unforeseen medical problems.

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SKU: BL Balsa Cr Lifter

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Balsa Crown Lifter Swatch 24" BL Balsa Cr Lifter 24 $299.00 (USD)
Out of Stock
Balsa Crown Lifter Swatch 23.5" BL Balsa Cr Lifter 23B $299.00 (USD)
Balsa Crown Lifter Swatch 23" BL Balsa Cr Lifter 23 $299.00 (USD)
Balsa Crown Lifter Swatch 22.5 BL Balsa Cr Lifter 22B $299.00 (USD)
Balsa Crown Lifter Swatch 22" BL Balsa Cr Lifter 22 $299.00 (USD)
Balsa Crown Lifter Swatch 21.5" BL Balsa Cr Lifter 21B $299.00 (USD)
Balsa Crown Lifter Swatch 21" BL Balsa Cr Lifter 21 $299.00 (USD)
Out of Stock
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Weight5 lbs

24", 23.5", 23", 22.5, 22", 21.5", 21"

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