Acetate Hat Liners

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Hat Liners. Acetate, cut on bias and not gathered making a smooth seam.
6″ down the side, open seam in back.
6.75″ length across the top of hat liner from seam to seam.
5.25″ width across the top of hat liner from seam to seam.
These are the same linings that Stetson has used in their hats!
Quality, Quality, Quality.

$7.50 ea. 3 pc.min.
$7.00 ea. per dz.
$6.00 ea. per Gross (144) per color.

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ColorsSKUNotes PriceQuantity
Hat Lining White Swatch White HL 6L White $8.00
Hat Lining Beige Swatch Beige HL 6L Beige $8.00
Hat Lining Gold Swatch Gold HL 6L Gold $8.00
Hat Lining Brown Swatch Brown HL 6L Brown $8.00
Hat Lining Red Swatch Red HL 6L Red $8.00
Hat Lining Royal Swatch Royal HL 6L Royal $8.00
Hat Lining Black Swatch Black HL 6L Black $8.00
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Place lining inside of hat, wrong side facing the inside of the hat. Overlap open section to fit hat at the head size. One size lining should fit most hats. Always position seam in the back of the hats. Pin into hat starting at head size and checking the length from tip to head size after pinning around, trim edge at bottom of inside of hat. Use a 1/2 inch diagonal basting stitch to sew lining to hat. Make sure stitches are smaller than the sweatband that NEXT you will sew in (using the pick stitch) to cover the stitches and protect the lining from sweat, makeup, etc. Sweat band will be attached to the hat at the bottom of the crown ( see my Grosgrain book). The upper section will be left unattached. This means one could peek under the sweatband and see your “diagonal but parallel lines, all the exact size, perfectly proving that attention to detail makes your hat worth more $”

For those who know the difference!

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