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18″ Antique French Silk Hairline

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18″ Antique French Silk Hairline Veiling. French Veiling is no longer produced, but Hats By Leko has acquired limited quantities of this very rare veiling exclusively for our customers. All measurements were taken by hand and are approximate; slight variations may occur.
Pattern Size: 5/8″ x 3/8″; Black & Navy: 5/8″ x 3/4″.

1 yard = 0.9144 meters; 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

Veiling is cut to order and is non returnable.

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Colors Selections

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Vintage Silk Hairline Beige 1 Beige VEIL Ant HL 18 Beige $23.00 USD
Vintage Silk Hairline Black Black VEIL Ant HL 18 Black $23.00 USD
Vintage Silk Hairline Burgundy 1 Burgundy VEIL Ant HL 18 Burgundy $23.00 USD
Vintage Silk Hairline French Moss 1 French Moss VEIL Ant HL 18 French Moss $23.00 USD
Vintage Silk Hairline Hot Pink 1 Hot Pink VEIL Ant HL 18 Hot Pink $23.00 USD
Vintage Silk Hairline Ice Aqua 1 Ice Aqua VEIL Ant HL 18 Ice Aqua $23.00 USD
Vintage Silk Hairline Kelly 1 Kelly VEIL Ant HL 18 Kelly $23.00 USD
Vintage Silk Hairline Mauve 1 Mauve VEIL Ant HL 18 Mauve $23.00 USD
Vintage Silk Hairline Navy 1 Navy VEIL Ant HL 18 Navy $23.00 USD
Vintage Silk Hairline Peacock 1 Peacock VEIL Ant HL 18 Peacock $23.00 USD
Vintage Silk Hairline Royal 1 Royal VEIL Ant HL 18 Royal $23.00 USD
Vintage Silk Hairline Rust Rust VEIL Ant HL 18 Rust $23.00 USD

Additional information

Weight0.025 lbs

Beige, Rust, French Moss, Kelly, Ice Aqua, Peacock, Mauve, Hot Pink, Burgundy, Royal, Navy, Black


Colors will vary depending on your monitor and there will also be some variations due to dye lots.
The color swatches shown are multiple layers of veiling in order to get good color samples.

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