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Leaf Trims

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Bottom shelve of velvet leaf boxes at Hats by Leko Close up of one box of velvet leaves at Hats by Leko

Velvet Leaf Trims


It is ok to mix colors to make your dozen price.
Anything over 12 is still priced at the dozen price.

Velvet Leko Leaf Sprays w/18 leaves

Available in 36 beautiful colors
Leaf Sizes: 2" x 1-1/8 wide
Order # LF
$4.65 USD ea. Minimum 2 per color or $4.00 USD ea. per dz.

LF L1. Crimson Shaded Burgundy LF L2. Chestnut Shaded Crimson LF L3. Pale Pink, Rose, Light Chocolate Variegated
LF L4. Black LF L5. Moss, Lavender, Rose, Beige Variegated LF L6. Beige, Rose, Moss Variegated
LF L7. Pink, Chocolate, Rose, Moss LF L8. Grey Green, Lt. & Dk. Hunter Variegated LF L9. Moss, Hunter Variegated
LF L 10. Beige & the palest Ivory Green possible LF L 11. Flax (Pale Brown) LF L 13. Chocolate
LF L 14. Dark Burgundy LF L 15. Light Green/Beige LF L 16. White
LF L 18. Chartreuse/Dark Green LF L 19. Black, Purple Shade LF L 20. Purple
Out of Stock Out of Stock Out of Stock
LF L 21. Dior Blue Shaded LF L 22. Ivory (not White) LF L 23. Silver Gray
LF L 24. Moss Variegated LF L 25. Moss Blue Variegated LF L 26. Dark Moss Green
LF L 27. Dark Autumn Green Variegated LF L 28. New Moss Variegated LF L 29. Violet Moss
Out of Stock Discontinued
LF L 30. Green Beige LF L 31. Light Turquoise Variegated LF L 32. Light Violet, Purple Mix
Out of Stock Discontinued Discontinued
LF L 33. Dark Violet, Purple, Gold Mix LF L 34. Hunter Green (Forest) LF L 35. Moss Green
LF L 36. Candy Pink, Hot Pink, Olive Mix LF L 37. Plum LF L 38. Golden Brown
Out of Stock Out of Stock Discontinued
LF L 39. Turquoise
LF L 40. Royal LF L 41. Pale Pink
Discontinued Out of Stock Out of Stock
LF L 42. Avocado    
LF L 46. Pink/Purple LF L 47. Cream/Camel LF L 48. Camel/Burgundy
Out of Stock
LF L 49. Pink/Burgundy LF L 50. Blue/Green LF L 51. Camel/Bronze
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
LF L 52. Beige/Pink/Green LF L 53. Burgundy LF L 54. Burgundy/Green
LF L 55. Dark Green LF L 56. Gray LF L 57. Green/Blue
Out of Stock
LF L 58. Green LF L 59. Green/Beige LF L 60. Green/Rust
Out of Stock
LF L 61. Moss Green LF L 62. Multi Green LF L 63. Ivory
Out of Stock Out of Stock
LF L 64. Multi Purple LF L 65. Pink Romance LF L 66. Red
See LF L 1
LF L 67. Rust/Brown LF L 68. Solid Black LF L 70. Blue
Out of Stock Out of Stock
Same as LF L4. Black

velvet baby leaf spray

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Velvet Baby Leaf Spray

Leaf size 1/2".  33 leaves per spray,
11 stems per spray.

Colors: Black 05, Red 03, Beige 01, Pale Sage 02, Hunter Green 04

Order # LF Baby Leaf
$4.50 USD ea. Minimum 2 per color 
or $3.35 USD ea. per dz. min. 

Colors :

babies breath babies breath
babies breath babies breath
babies breath

Baby's Breath Velvet Fern
(Velvet Maiden Hair Fern)

Colors: Black, Cherry, Hunter,
Pink/Green(out of stock), White (out of stock)

Order# FL24788
Price: $5.68 USD ea. Minimum 2 per color
or $4.68 USD each per dz.

Colors :



LekoLeaves.gif (277058 bytes)

Hand painted Leaf Spray by Leko

Polyester backed Organza 3" Leaves

01 Lime, Chocolate, Hunter, Aubergine
02 Honey, Aqua, Grape
03 Dark Green, Golden Yellow, Grape
04 Dark green, Faded Lemon, Aqua

Order #LF Leko Leaf 01, 02, 03 or 04
$2.40 USD ea. Minimum 2 per color 
or $1.20 USD ea. per dz. min.

Colors :

Note: Leaves are not colorfast


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