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Tear Drop Buckram Frames

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In Stock for Immediate Shipping

Note:  Frames are hand made and will vary slightly in size.

BF 003 - White Only
Order# BF 003
(5.25” – 5.5” X 4”)

Price: $10.25 USD ea. or
$9.25 ea. USD dz.

BF 004 - White Only
Order # BF 004
(6-7/8" x 4-7/8)

Price: $10.25 USD ea. or
$9.25 ea. USD dz.

BF 006 - White Only
Order # BF 006
Size: 10.5" x 9 " x 3.5" Deep

Price: $10.25 USD ea. or
$9.25 ea. USD dz.

Half Skull - White Only
Order # BF 007
Size:  7-7/8 " x 5.75 "

Price: $10.25 USD ea. or
$9.25 ea. USD dz.

BF 038 - White Only
Order # BF 038
Size: 8.75" x 6-5/8"

Price: $10.25 USD ea. or
$9.25 ea. USD dz.

BF 039 - White Only
Order # BF 039
Size: 10.5" x 8.5"

x 3" Deep

Price $10.25 USD ea. or
$9.25 ea. USD dz.

BF 040 - White Only
Order # BF 040
Size: 7" x 7.75 " x 2.5 " Deep

Price $10.00 USD ea.

  BF 041 - White Only
Order # BF 041
Size: 10.25 " x 6.75 " x 3" Deep

Price $10.00 USD ea.


Most People who bought Hat Frames also bought Hat Elastics!

Click for larger view

Hat Elastics

Description: Elastic with metal barbs at each end, used to hold hats on heads. 12" long, (30 cm)

Colors: White, Ivory, Gray, Brown, Black

Order# MISC Hat E
Price:  20 pc. $11.00 USD

Colors :

Order# MISC Hat E 100
Price:  100 pc. Bunch $42.00 USD

Colors :


Must Have!

Order# BK MA05. The book From the Neck Up has a section on "covering buckram hat frames".
We suggest you add this to your order if you have never covered a frame before.

FROM THE NECK UP, Denise Dreher. An illustrated guide to hatmaking to be used for self instruction, in the class room or as a reference guide. All techniques (including blocking felt and straw, sewing with buckram and wire) are listed with step by step instructions, no prior knowledge is presumed. Illustrated in the Victorian and Edwardian style. Includes 60 patterns for historical hats drawn to scale. 200 pgs. $30.00 USD

Note to Fashion Designers:
All new creations (designs) are made outside of our comfort zone!
All progress is made outside of our comfort zone!
All answers to new questions are made outside of our comfort zone!
Fear is a gift. It is telling you that it is time for your comfort zone to be expanded.
Harness the fear, it is pure energy.
Now instead of using the word fear, replace it with the word excitement.
Same feeling but fear stops your energy, excitement unstops your energy!
What a difference a word makes.
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