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Pins by Leko

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push pins

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pushpinMillinery Pushpins

5/8" Extra long point & Aluminum heads.
Box of 100....................$9.98

Order# MISC Push Pin 5

push pins

Millinery Pushpins

Aluminum heads & 1/2" points
Box of 100...................................$9.98

# MISC Push Pin 4



How to Make a
Kentucky Derby Hat

Click Here


veiling pins

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veil pin


Veiling Pins

#28Nickel plated steel, white head Box of 250........$4.50 USD

I looked far and wide for a veiling pin with a head that would penetrate wood hat blocks without either the head falling off easily or my thumb going through the metal. I found them! These pins are longer and the heads stay on better. 1-5/8" long below the ball. Wise woman hint: If you poke yourself and bleed on your hat, take some thread, wad it up, spit on it, rub it on the hat, and the blood will transfer to the thread.  

Order #
MISC Veil Pin

Out of Stock

Tutorial Movie

Freeform Hat Blocking Workshop


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Nickel Plated Flower Pins

(1 gross minimum = 144 ea.)

Order # MISC Flower Pin
$20.00 USD

All our our hat pins are made from HEAVY GAUGE #18 WIRE

Ribbon Flower (double sided) Hat Pins 7"

(comes with clutch to cover end)
Colors from left to right (on photo)
Color: # A, B, C (Out of Stock), D

Order # HP Ribbon Flower
$20.00 USD each or $12.50 USD ea. per dz. (ok to mix colors)

Out of Stock

5" Long Undecorated Hat Pins

Colors: Gold or Silver
Options:  With heads or without heads

Order# HP 5
Price $1.00 USD each or $.66 USD ea. per 12 dz. (144)



7" Long Undecorated Hat Pins

Colors: Gold or Silver
Options: With heads or without heads
Silver w/head Out of Stock

Order# HP 7
Price: $1.00 USD each or $.66 USD ea. per 12 dz. (144)



Hat Pin Clutches

Used to cover the bottom of pointed side of hat pin.
Color: Gold (18K gold plate) or Silver (silver plate)

Order# HP Clutch
Price: $.50 USD each


1 3/8" IBC Glass Head Silk Pins

Never Snag Delicate Silks!
They are the sharpest, smoothest pins made.
They bend, but don't break. These have the thinnest shaft of any pin. Glass heads
won't melt when ironed over.

250/box White Glass Head Pins

Order# NOTION Glass Silk Pin
Price $7.20 USD

Out of Stock


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