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Ladies Dress and Fashionable Bonnets

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1810-1820.  The Ophelia pattern featuring a 20 page illustrated instruction booklet.  3 interchangeable brims and headpieces for creating a Regency/Federal era poke bonnet.

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$23.00 USD


1810-1820.  The Virginia pattern featuring a 20 page illustrated instruction booklet.  3 interchangeable brims and headpieces for creating a Regency/Federal era poke bonnet.

 Order # Pattern Virginia
$23.00 USD


The Camillia, a flared-brimmed bonnet with a puffed crown, appeared in the fashion plates from 1795 through1810.

Order # Pattern Camillia
$16.00 USD


The Cordelia appears in the fashion plates from the 1790's through 1815.  Referred to as the Charlotte Corday or Directoire bonnet, it had many variations.

Order # Pattern Cordelia
$16.00 USD


The Julia, a flared brim bonnet with a puffed crown. appeared in the fashion plates from 1800 through 1810.

Order # Pattern Julia
$16.00 USD



The Lucia, a puffed crown jockey style bonnet, appeared in the fashion plates from 1805 to 1815.

Order # Pattern Lucia
$16.00 USD


The Mariah peaks in the fashion plates in 1806.  The bonnet had many interpretations with and without a curtain and/or trimmings.  Made of lghtweight, even sheer fabrics, it featured beautiful embroidery, lace work and other fabric manipulation techniques.

Order # Pattern Mariah
$16.00 USD


The Zenobia, a pieced jockey style bonnet, appeared in the fashion plates from 1800 through 1810.  This style works best with hair confined tightly to the head or shorter hairstyles.

Order # Pattern Zenobia
$16.00 USD

Round Cottage Bonnet

This deep bonnet, fashionable in late 1840's & early '50's, continue to be worn in rural areas for several years.  It is simply constructed.

Order # Pattern 9101
$16.00 USD

Flounced Bonnet

A fancy bonnet of the mid-1850's, whose fabric covering is rows of pleated fabric.  Brim flares out from the wearer's face.  No extra trimming is needed.

Order # Pattern 9102
$16.00 USD

High Brim Spoon Bonnet

Fashionable from 1862-1865; the fanciest bonnet of the Civil War era. You can add fancy frou-frous to the basic bonnet.

Order # Pattern 9202
$16.00 USD
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Cottage Bonnet

A bonnet whose deep, close-fitting brim conceals the wearer from the world.  This style was fashionable 1842 through 1849.  It continued as a popular style for young girls into the 1860's Pattern shows many trim ideas.

Order # Pattern 9305
$16.00 USD

Flared Brim Bonnet

Period photographs show women from the late 1850's through 1865 wearing this style.  The brim is less severe than the Spoon bonnet and frames the entire face.  A roomy style of bonnet.

Order # Pattern 9705
$16.00 USD

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Drawn 1860'S Bonnet

The short curtain and large back bow indicate a date of 1864-65.  Pattern has illustrated directions to create the foundation and drawn covering using the same methods as the original from which it was drafted.  This pattern is recommended for the experienced seamstress.

Order # Pattern 0401
$16.00 USD

Ladies Utilitarian Hoods and Headdresses

Quilted Opera Hood

Worn for evening, traveling, or for protection from the cold, this style worn in the 1850's and 1860's.  Hand sewn of silk, hand quilted to wool batting, lined with cotton.  Optional braiding designs included in pattern.  Brim and band at lower edge of contrasting color.  One size; adjusts at neck.  Colors suggested: black, red, brown: Choose contrast: white, magenta, gray, blue.

Order # Pattern 9201
$16.00 USD

Slat Bonnet

An every day or sun bonnet - great for rural impressions! Bonnet adjusts at neck and folds flat when not in use.  Usually made of checks, small plaids or prints.  Pattern from an 1851 original, but this style was worn throughout the 19th century.

Variations are included for bonnets- of 1860's 1870's and 1880's.

Order # Pattern 9302
$16.00 USD

Corded Sun Bonnet

Originating from the lingerie bonnets of the Empire period, this cotton bonnet was worn through out most of the 1800's.  It is constructed of bias cut plaid or checked cotton with rows of cording stitched into the brim.  When starched, the cording adds extra stiffness.  Bonnet adjusts with draw string at neck. 

Pattern contains adult and child size.

Order # Pattern 0501
$16.00 USD

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Quilted silk bonnets such as these were worn from the 1840's through the 1860's.  Filled with wool batting, it is light and warm.  The turned back brim can be made in a contrasting color.  Bonnet is adjustable during construction.  Pattern contains quilting variations.

Order # Pattern 9704
$16.00 USD

The Red Riding Hood

Named for the popular folk tale, this wool hood is easily made.  The size is adjusted by loosening or tightening the inside ribbon ties.  Hoods were worn throughout the 19th century.  This pattern, originally published in Peterson's Magazine in 1862, has been adapted for both adult and children's sizes.

Order # Pattern 0001
$16.00 USD

Women's Millinery Caps & More

Net For The Hair

Popular in the 1850's & 1860's for day (dark colors) and evening (brighter colors); often worn with hats.  Pearls or beads sewn to the net.  One size adjusts to fit.

Suggested colors: black, brown, dark red, light violet, navy blue, forest green, magenta, purple.  Suggested bead color: pearl, black, silver, gold.

Order # Pattern 9001
$16.00 USD

Out of Stock

Day Or Evening Cap

Lace-edged cap has lappets and half handkerchief overlay and is trimmed with colored ribbon.  Pattern can be altered to create 3 variations.  Fits a variety of sizes.  From originals.  Appropriate for mid-1850's through 1860's. 

Colors suggested: White fabric; black or white lace, or black with black lace.  Ribbon colors suggested: green, violet, black, ecru, pink, yellow.

Order # Pattern 9002
$16.00 USD

Ladies Plain Cap

A serviceable cap, one of the many styles daily worn by rural and working women from late 18th into early 19th centuries.  Easy to launder and starch.  Tapes tie under chin; draw string at neck adjusts size.  Worn as night cap during 1860's.  Drafted from an original.

Order # Pattern 9503
$16.00 USD

Ladies 1830's Cap

Fashionable cap worn in late 1820's and through the 1830's.  Pattern includes several variations plus section on period hand sewing techniques.  One size, adjusts at neck; instructions to enlarge are included.  Drafted from originals.

Order # Pattern 9603
$16.00 USD

Flat Caps

Decorative day or evening caps popular from the early 1840's through the late 1860's.  Worn for many occasions, they were trimmed with ribbons, lace and flowers.  Pattern contains 3 easy to sew shapes plus additional variations.

Order # Pattern 9701
$16.00 USD

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Children's Bonnet Patterns

Child's Slat Bonnet

A popular style of sun bonnet worn throughout the 1800's.  Folds flat for easy storage.  Pattern contains detailed instructions for frilled or plain bonnet in 3 sizes - infants, toddlers, young ladies.  Drafted from originals.

Colors suggested: blue, brown, or green checks/plaid 100% cotton; or white.

Order # Pattern 9504
$16.00 USD

Child's Quilted Bonnet

Soft, quilted "bonnets", lined with cotton and wadded with lamb's wool were worn by young girls and boys until old enough for adult styles. Bonnet is drafted from original circa 1830-1865.

Pattern in 3 sizes.  Suggested finish for bonnet: a variety of wools. Suggested colors: light blue, black, dark red, dark green, tan.

Order # Pattern 9505
$16.00 USD

Girl's Embroidered Cap

This style worn during 1700's and 1800's.  Stitched of handkerchief linen in 1785, this child's cap is embroidered with flowers and berries of white linen thread.  Pattern contains 2 sizes, a "how to" of period stitches and the original embroidery designs.

Order # Pattern 9601
$16.00 USD

Infant Cap

A simple cap style was worn in the late 18th and 19th centuries;  frill optional.  Pattern includes illustrated section on period stitches.  Includes 2 sizes; all adjust at neck. Drafted from a 1795 original.

Order # Pattern 9602
$16.00 USD

Out of Stock

Gentleman Period Caps

Gentlemen's Winter Cap

A warm and comfortable hat for traveling, hunting, ice skating and other winter activities.  Ear flap and visor pull down for additional protection.  Finished cap in wool.  Pattern contains multiple sizes.  Colors suggested: wool, navy, brown, black, gray.

Order # Pattern 9702
$16.00 USD

Gentlemen's Lounging Cap

Lounging and smoking caps were popular informal gentleman's wear from the late 1840's through the 1880's.  Fashioned of wool, silk or velvet most were topped by a tassel.  Pattern contains multiple sizes and instructions for quilting and braiding.  Caps are multi-colored silks and velvets.

Suggested colors: blues, reds, golds, greens.

Order # Pattern 9703
$16.00 USD

Glengarry Cap

Ribbon cockade and streamers trim this jaunty wool cap - a civil war ear favorite! Men's lounging caps of this time were often in this style.  Worn by boys from mid-1850's into the 1880's. Pattern contains 3 sizes. Suggested colors: brown, black, green, blue. Plain or plaid.

Order # Pattern 9401
$16.00 USD

1819-1834 Fashionable Bonnet

Often calle a Poke bonnet, the wide brim can be tied down as shown or allowed to spread out like a hat.

Order # Pattern 0601
$16.00 USD

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1834-1840 Fashionable Bonnet

Higher brims form a vertical oval to frame the face.

Order # Pattern 0602
$16.00 USD


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